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NextSteps in Reaching Consumers

NextStep in Reaching Consumers

When we first started this cohort I figured I had a general working knowledge and was fairly savvy in digital marketing but I quickly learned the knowledge I had was not even a fraction of what digital marketing really is. I had an understanding that businesses needed to have a digital marketing strategy which include the basics such as accessible websites, activity on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I did not realize how much of an effect digital marketing played in the role of driving sales and profit. My three biggest take -a-ways from this class that I will directly use in my integrated marketing plan for our client are, the use of Facebook paid advertisements, direct email marketing and the use of YouTube in an effort to gain brand awareness and show the inner workings of the business.


fb logo

I think utilizing Facebook as means of marketing to potential consumers is very vital because many people in today’s society use Facebook. Facebook provides a means to reach a huge consumer market. For our client, my target market is generally mothers/ parents of high school students and also the student themselves, which a majority are connected on Facebook. Facebook proves to be an affordable tactic to reach these consumers and there are metrics to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign. Facebook allows you to see how well the business activities are doing and you can monitor your effectiveness and make changes as necessary.

Direct Email

Just think, how many times a week or day even do you get emails from businesses offering promotions or directing you to their website? I can honestly say I receive around 10 a day. Do I actually look at them all? No, I typically will delete them. And that is the challenge that email marketers have is trying to find good content and a good subject to put into an email blast so that consumers will open the email in hopes of driving traffic to their business. Email marketing I always thought was “old school” until I learned that it is one of the best ROI’s in the digital marketing world. I will incorporate direct email blasts for our client weekly offering promotions of services and workshops in hopes of increasing consumer traffic and a higher conversion rate.


YouTube is my go to when I have a little down time as it is for many people. Actually, almost one billion people per month visit YouTube and watch nearly 6 billion hours of videos. As a business owner I would want my business on YouTube in hopes of raising my brand awareness. YouTube now offers an analytics portion to their advertising so as a marketer can see how well your ad is performing. Also you can control your daily budget, only spending when someone actually interacts with your ad. Another very useful feature is that YouTube allows you to target specific ages, gender, location, and interests so for my client I will make a targeted campaign to the mothers and high school graduates.


You are what you post you are

faculty03When I first looked at this course I had an idea of what it might be and it was nothing like i thought. I thought it would dig deeper into the digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, and web. We did cover a bit of those elements but not as in depth as i thought we would. We dug deeper into things such as Facebook and Twitter marketing. What i took away from that was great. I was able to see a behind the scenes look at what social media marketing is in today’s marketing world. Social media is much more than just “did my post get a like”.

Another huge element on what we covered was blogging. I have never blogged before. I read blogs almost everyday but i have never written one. At first it was strange because i felt like i had to write the blog the same way i wrote every other paper in school. That was partially true but with blogs i need to add a little more of me in them. I shouldn’t be afraid to write like I am having a conversation. A blog should reflect what i think and i should communicate it like i would. This was the difficult part. I had to balance getting what i was trying to say across in my own voice all the while keeping it professional so that what i am saying is believable and respected.

The last part that i liked about this course was the final project. So many times professors make final projects very dry and not enjoyable. This was not the case with this final project. We were able to pick our own topic and our own issue we had to solve. This made it not only challenging but enjoyable. The overall client project was given to us and we have to do it. I for one love a challenge so it is partially enjoyable to me but at times it is challenging to stay motivated. In addition to that the overall project we can not use our own voice. We need to keep it super professional and can not stray. I think writing blogs was very helpful because it broke down walls. Sometimes when you do something different it can refresh your mind and actually make you more creative, this is the case with writing blogs.

The very last part of the class that i enjoyed was the professor. Although at times it was challenging, she brought energy to class. I knew that every night we were in class it would not be a boring lecture with a monotone voiced profession. So many times i have been in a class with a Ferris Bueller professor and made me want to fall asleep. This class was not that. I am hopefully that going forward the professors we have will have the energy and excitement of this class. If that is the case then it will not only make the class more enjoyable but it will help me retain the information.

Rating Social Campaigns and Web Site Lead Generation

Reflections from Week 3_M Tenalio

Rating a Web Site

 Hootsuite vs Hearsay  Hootsuite vs Hubspot

Until this week’s class I was not aware of Hootsuite, Hearsay or Hubspot, lead generation from social media. New news to me. Technology and social media have merged to generate, manage, and develop sales leads and information. According to http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33169/ social media is clearly an increasing sales channel, and the average budget spent on social media has increased 133% in just 3 years.


So which do we choose. Various lead metrics are used to identify good, better, best. Hubspot tends to lead in technical leadership for categories including ease of use, intuitive design, product support and setup. Hearsay is used more in financial services applications. Hootsuite used more in entertainment and retail. Hubspot is broad appeal across multiple market applications.


Hubspot is not inexpensive, from $800 to $2,400 per month. It integrates to many customer relationship marketing (CRM) systems and capture blog messaging, SEO keywords, monitors social media sites and web site landing pages and email marketing, develops digital marketing metrics and generates leads. The list is extensive in add on modules and tiered price packages can be viewed at http://www.hubspot.com/pricing-comparison . Various educational and how-to lessons are also available on http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing that help guide effective utilization of the full complement of software modules.


Clearly this is another area I will need to turn to the digital marketing experts to help guide us to the best solution. This class has increased awareness and now we must find the best approach to lead generation and nurturing as well as the best technological fit.

Great, my marketing work list keeps growing.


From Brand Awareness to Brand Evangelism! Content Marketing Institute









Now – a – days it seems as if the internet has turned marketers into writer’s and it’s not as simple a task as it seems. Trust me, I know! It appears my duties as social media manager of BreakThru Magazine has expanded into content developer as well. If you’re anything like me then you’ve struggled with creating content that’s appealing enough to “convince and convert” qualified leads into loyal customers. I often find myself reenacting the gif above from 21 Jump Street thinking, what the heck am I supposed to say?!

Blurred Lines images

I used to, well, did as of this week, think that social media marketing was the same as content marketing but boy was I wrong! Although similar, content marketing and social media marketing are two different things with different focal points, goals and processes. Content strategy PROCEEDS  social strategy. A lot of people (business included) post on social media with the first thing that comes to their mind. But, well, you can’t intrigue consumers and succeed in social marketing if you have nothing interesting to say. The distinction & similarity goes deeper than but I’ll spare my rambling and say I’ve had my AHA moment and begun to approach my job in a different way.

Worth the follow

brand_camp_brand_evangelists Consider the fact that Apple has no official social media presence on any network beside YouTube, and no official blog, yet has thousands of users willing to fight for their brand. The goal of content marketing is to build a community of evangelists who are prepared to fight for your brand and that can only be done with good content. So if you’re looking for ways to distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to your consumers and, ultimately, motivate profitable customer action then this Content Marketing Institute blog is for you!

Follow CMI!

You won’t regret it! http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/topic/content-creation/

-Isis Mounts

Let’s Give Them Something to Hoot About!

What can Hootsuite do for you?


Hootsuite is a social media platform that allows you to follow all your social media streams in one location. It is meant to be used by businesses to track their success in the social world.

You can create reports in the analytics area and track activity on your platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, or WordPress.


It will also allow businesses to schedule posts to all the social media networks, so you can save time and have them automatically post to the site(s) you choose.


Why you should use Hootsuite?

There are many competitors that do similar things that Hootsuite offers. Some reasons a company should use their services would be:

  • Have multiple streams in one location
  • A team manages your social media presence
  • Cross posting capabilities
  • Get free reports

The Owl offers wisdom

The Hootsuite blog offers advice and tips when it comes to everything social. With social media tactics being on the rise this is a great site for best practices and new ideas.

The blog is updated frequently and touches on every type of social network that is out there. It is great that it does not just focus the top few sites that everyone uses the most, a lot of times in marketing you have to think outside the box and use other platforms you might not have thought to use at first.

What I like about their blog?

I chose to follow this blog so that I can be in tune with what is happening in the digital marketing world. They reply quickly with their audience, and they link to other well-known marketing sites.

I suggest anyone that is interested in the ever evolving marketing world to follow Hootsuite or any other blog that suits your needs.

You can run, but you can’t hide..


Privacy is dead, but how many of us actually realize it? For kids of the millennial generation it is normal to want to know and share as much as possible, even with strangers. Do they even know that at one point in time it wasn’t normal to “like” that Susie ate a ham sandwich for lunch? In fact, it wasn’t normal to even care about her ham consumption for that matter. So, of course it is now completely acceptable to want to know a person’s exact location at all times and the Sonar app makes it possible. Stalking is cool now, didn’t you know? The band, Blondie, had it right: “One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha”.

Isn’t Sonar for finding things under water?

It is, but now with the Sonar app, you can find friends, strangers, literally anyone who is close by on social media. The app locates nearby users based on their check-ins or geo-tagged posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Unlike other apps, it ranks who shows up by first listing those who are your friends on social media, followed by strangers in order of how many mutual friends you have on social media. The app also pulls data from each person’s social media page for you to see.

This sounds slightly dangerous…

Is anyone else concerned by the growing ability to find anyone, anywhere, at any time? Especially if you have teenagers that aren’t aware of the possible dangers and just think it’s cool to let the world know where they are at all times of the day. People need to be educated on what is safe to share on social media sites. After all, there are psychos out there that are loving this new trend of sharing every detail of your life with strangers…


All Comedy, All the time. How Funny or Die fits into the conversation


Immortality or a Cryptal death?

This is one site where the number of “likes” really matters, and the ruling of life or death for content lies in the hands of the viewers. Founded in 2007, Funny or Die (FOD) is a an award winning, video comedy website that hosts hundreds of viral celebrity and user generated videos.

How it works.

Celebrities, comedians, and regular users post videos they think are funny. The viewers vote whether they think the video is indeed funny or if it should die. The video gets scored based on the total percentage of viewers that voted. Videos with 80% + votes of funny stay on the site. After 1,000 views, videos with 20% + die ratings, die and are crypted (vaulted). Videos with views of 100,000 + gets an immortal funny ranking.

How can a comedy site help your business? 

TwoFerns (1)

Funny or Die connects with approximately 19 million viewers daily. With low marketing costs they use A-list talent partners to create the exposure and attract users to their site. One of the greatest examples that boasts about the power of the site’s reach is their partnership with the Obama administration in 2014 regarding Obamacare. Garnering more than 8million views within the first few hours of its posting. FOD’s comedic Obamacare videos showed how this site can help businesses grasp a relatively tough to reach audience and present results. In this case an increase of web traffic by 40%. This goes to show that humor can make a personal connection and FOD can be a great vehicle to bring separate conversations into one forum.

Why FOD matters.

FOD injects funny into a mainstream conversations. CEO Dick Glover of FOD said “content drives the deal” and FOD is a proven link between measurable success & smart content marketing.

-Isis Mounts