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The Post Grad Guide to the Real World

As a woman in my early twenties, I find myself searching articles on Ms. Career Girl for life advice. This great blog features articles from different authors on topics such as life after college, career advice, relationship help and resume critiquing.

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Why I love it

Ms. Career Girl is written for women by women. The authors are in a similar stage of life as me, so it is an incredibly relatable blog. It’s a one-stop shop for any young woman in her early twenties looking for some advice in all aspects of life.

Notable sections on the blog include:

  • Career ConfessionsScreen shot 2015-06-20 at 2.04.11 PM
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Dating
  • Money
  • Resume Optimization Tool

All sections on the blog have multiple contributing authors to give a wide range of advice and expertise.

Should I Check it Out?

Absolutely! If you’re a woman in your twenties, this blog is definitely for you. Ms. Career Girl started this blog to help confused post grads navigate the real world. Any question you may have will most likely be answered in one of the articles found on her site.

But Beware

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 2.06.29 PMWhile the content on the blog is great, the look could use a little updating. The word “cutesy” comes to mind when looking at the graphics on this site. In my opinion, the logo is relevant but could be better and the site contains too much pink.

It is a for-profit blog, you can tell based on the amount of advertisements. They even advertise to advertise with them. I prefer blogs without advertisements, to me it shows the passion the writer has for the subject matter instead of the desire to make a buck.

I don’t let these minor details distract me from the excellent content, you should check out the blog and follow them on Twitter!