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Meet quarter end with a Blog?

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Meet quarter end with a Blog?

How many sales managers or marketing managers recall the phone call two weeks before quarter end and the company is 10% short on the revenue budget and the bosses are looking for sales, and from anywhere. All of a sudden you start the aggressive conference calls finding out which region has a full pipeline to tap, what rep has prospects that can take product early, what program can be launched in two weeks, and even yes – team you better hit your objective this quarter or you may not be here for the next one.


If you heard, Johnny from the Allentown market comment he had five registered users on his blog that posted last week they were interested in participating in a pilot program for a 10% discount and a 12 month term, and they said they could sign ASAP. You would kiss Johnny on the forehead then say; what the heck is a blog?

Benefits of blogs or microsites or forums or whatever you want to call them today?

Yes, this technology moves fast and so do the names. A community site using digit marketing can be a match made in heaven for exchanging goods. Providing the proper discussion topics, intellectual feedback and two way conversation to a very targeted market that has similar interests; could there be a better marketplace? In addition, traditional marketing typically told you what to do, however community sites educate you on how to make the best decisions, so listen and learn, then produce the best product for the best price to meet the customer at the right time at the right place to consider your product. By the way, if you educate the customer on something that may not lead to an immediate sale, trust is built, and trust wins deals!

Is traditional marketing that different from digital marketing?

Yes, but just like personal selling was different from newspaper advertising or then direct mail or then telesales and on and on. Digital marketing is very different from traditional marketing, however similar principles apply and if you do not sharpen your skills and add digital marketing to your tool kit, you will be left behind. Hubspot.com helped us.

These leads stink!

That’s the goal, to eliminate non-qualified, non-interested, and non-potential customers from the sales guys list. That’s right, no more mass direct mail, outbound dialing for dollars or blind email. Digital marketing provides the means to create deeper engagement and interaction with a company to form deeper relationships. Sounds similar to the courtship process? It is!

People communicate very differently today, so since the marketing and sales process is a mirror into how people interact and communicate, it’s time to get on the same page. Either a website, or social site, or email distribution, or webinar, or download, or blog, or search engine, you get the point!


The new sales cycle.

..is more challenging, takes longer but lasts longer, involves more steps, takes more contacts, and the more education you provide to a prospect – they may appreciate that, and buy something from you!


So you think you’re a Digital marketing Rock star?

I am currently going for my marketing masters through Roberts Wesleyan. The last class was about Strategic Digital marketing, and since we are all in our 20’s I am sure we all thought we would already know everything already.

We were shown otherwise!

Java Printing

An ever changing and evolving kind of marketing!

The digital world changes continuously. There are always new ways to be reaching your target audiences and you have to be aware of what tools they are using. I was not aware of all the different types of applications out there and how many digital tools can be utilized; it is not just about email and your website anymore!

The conversation prism was one tool I used a lot throughout our class, if we needed to brainstorm ideas I would look at the prism first to see if any ideas or tools jumped out to me. This tool obviously does not include every possible option in the digital world but it makes you think about the type of category your idea or product may fit into.

Conversation Prism

Through the prism I have looked at these tools that I was unaware of:

  • Nicheworking- These social network sites are meant to bring people together that all have a common interest. Here are a few to check out: goodreads, Care2, and Foodspotting, and Dogster.
  • Social Curation: This is a collaborative sharing of web content, that can be organized one or more themes. Includes Pinterest and Flipboard.

What is all this hype about blogging?


So when we all first saw we had to blog for this digital class, I was dreading it because I never wanted to blog and figured no one would want to hear what I have to say. Since 4 weeks ago, I have grown to like blogging and am thinking about starting to do on my own site and see how it goes, I tried it before and was not having any success. I think I was missing some important factors on how to get your blog read and followed.

  1. I was not creating tags or categories for my blog posts. These play a huge role in search engine optimization, thus getting your blog post found and read. Without these tools there is a small chance of getting your awesome blog in front of readers that would enjoy what you have to say.
  2. Use headers! Would you rather read something typed up with headers to break up the text or one long document typed like an APA paper, and trust me I am sick of looking at and writing APA papers. Users want to be able to skim and read the parts that are IMPORTANT TO THEM (sorry was trying to get your attention while you were skimming)!

So that is all you need to know! Happy Marketing!

Just kidding, marketing and especially digital marketing has so many possibilities and it is honestly endless. Do not stick to something because that is the way it has been done before, try something new and use the data and metrics to back up your decision!

Last, but not least.

imagesX6P1AGFPTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”-Benjamin Franklin.

I really enjoyed this digital marketing class. I have learned a lot of valuable information that is not only interesting, but extremely valuable. The reason I have gotten so much out of these past five weeks is because we have gotten deeply involved in every aspect of what we were learning. From creating our own blog posts to presenting a real digital marketing plan to the “board”, I have been able to learn new ideas in a way that has allowed me to really grasp the concepts and fully understand what I need to include in our client project.


images5H4R4FHSThe first aspect I will take with me into our final client project is blogging. Five weeks ago, I had never written a blog in my life. I have found that I actually enjoy doing it, and even more, I enjoy reading other people’s blogs as well. Not only are blogs full of information that is relevant to a person’s particular interests, but they allow you to engage with people you would never normally interact with in life. I think a NextStepU blog will be very beneficial for the company’s growth. There is a lot that can be said about college prep, financial aid, choosing a major, how to get through dorm life and many, many other topics. This will be a great tool to use to get all kinds of current and potential clients of NextStepU engaged and interested in the company.

Google Analytics

The next area that I found extremely useful and interesting was the lesson on Google Analytics. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I didn’t exactly know what this was until we learned about it in class. However, I am amazed at the enormous amounts of information you can gather about people that visit your webpage. This tool is imperative to measuring the success of your marketing tactics. I’m not sure if NextStepU is currently taking advantage of Google Analytics, but I would be interested to see their results if they are. Regardless of whether this tools is currently being utilized or not, it will certainly be incorporated into my final client project.

Social Media

This is a very important factor to be considered for NextStepU. First of all, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest definitely need to be a part of the final client project marketing plan. These are a few of the top social media sites being utilized by college age kids. Again, until this class, I never knew the ins and outs of paid social media advertising. I knew it existed, of course, but I didn’t know how it worked exactly. Since NextStepU currently has followers on Facebook and Twitter, I think a social media ad campaign would be very beneficial.


Overall, I really enjoyed this digital marketing class and I seriously learned a lot of extremely valuable information. Definitely one of my favorites so far!

From Brand Awareness to Brand Evangelism! Content Marketing Institute









Now – a – days it seems as if the internet has turned marketers into writer’s and it’s not as simple a task as it seems. Trust me, I know! It appears my duties as social media manager of BreakThru Magazine has expanded into content developer as well. If you’re anything like me then you’ve struggled with creating content that’s appealing enough to “convince and convert” qualified leads into loyal customers. I often find myself reenacting the gif above from 21 Jump Street thinking, what the heck am I supposed to say?!

Blurred Lines images

I used to, well, did as of this week, think that social media marketing was the same as content marketing but boy was I wrong! Although similar, content marketing and social media marketing are two different things with different focal points, goals and processes. Content strategy PROCEEDS  social strategy. A lot of people (business included) post on social media with the first thing that comes to their mind. But, well, you can’t intrigue consumers and succeed in social marketing if you have nothing interesting to say. The distinction & similarity goes deeper than but I’ll spare my rambling and say I’ve had my AHA moment and begun to approach my job in a different way.

Worth the follow

brand_camp_brand_evangelists Consider the fact that Apple has no official social media presence on any network beside YouTube, and no official blog, yet has thousands of users willing to fight for their brand. The goal of content marketing is to build a community of evangelists who are prepared to fight for your brand and that can only be done with good content. So if you’re looking for ways to distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to your consumers and, ultimately, motivate profitable customer action then this Content Marketing Institute blog is for you!

Follow CMI!

You won’t regret it! http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/topic/content-creation/

-Isis Mounts