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NextSteps in Reaching Consumers

NextStep in Reaching Consumers

When we first started this cohort I figured I had a general working knowledge and was fairly savvy in digital marketing but I quickly learned the knowledge I had was not even a fraction of what digital marketing really is. I had an understanding that businesses needed to have a digital marketing strategy which include the basics such as accessible websites, activity on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I did not realize how much of an effect digital marketing played in the role of driving sales and profit. My three biggest take -a-ways from this class that I will directly use in my integrated marketing plan for our client are, the use of Facebook paid advertisements, direct email marketing and the use of YouTube in an effort to gain brand awareness and show the inner workings of the business.


fb logo

I think utilizing Facebook as means of marketing to potential consumers is very vital because many people in today’s society use Facebook. Facebook provides a means to reach a huge consumer market. For our client, my target market is generally mothers/ parents of high school students and also the student themselves, which a majority are connected on Facebook. Facebook proves to be an affordable tactic to reach these consumers and there are metrics to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign. Facebook allows you to see how well the business activities are doing and you can monitor your effectiveness and make changes as necessary.

Direct Email

Just think, how many times a week or day even do you get emails from businesses offering promotions or directing you to their website? I can honestly say I receive around 10 a day. Do I actually look at them all? No, I typically will delete them. And that is the challenge that email marketers have is trying to find good content and a good subject to put into an email blast so that consumers will open the email in hopes of driving traffic to their business. Email marketing I always thought was “old school” until I learned that it is one of the best ROI’s in the digital marketing world. I will incorporate direct email blasts for our client weekly offering promotions of services and workshops in hopes of increasing consumer traffic and a higher conversion rate.


YouTube is my go to when I have a little down time as it is for many people. Actually, almost one billion people per month visit YouTube and watch nearly 6 billion hours of videos. As a business owner I would want my business on YouTube in hopes of raising my brand awareness. YouTube now offers an analytics portion to their advertising so as a marketer can see how well your ad is performing. Also you can control your daily budget, only spending when someone actually interacts with your ad. Another very useful feature is that YouTube allows you to target specific ages, gender, location, and interests so for my client I will make a targeted campaign to the mothers and high school graduates.


Week 1 Reflections – Steve Overslaugh

Reflections Week 1 MKT 570 – Steve Overslaugh

The new digital age brings new media and technology into the marketing mix to maximize the level of engagement from a target market with the continued goal of acquiring new and retaining your existing core customer or increasing their spend on your products.

Classic Marketing or Digital Marketing

Week one provided examples of how the classic attributes of marketing may be different than the newer digital tactics however they still share the same core values and strategy required to have effective executions. Some contrasts below include, type of marketing, direction of communication, availability, scope, experience, and language to state a few.

Classic v Digital

Old Sales Model vs. New Sales Model

The topic of the old sales model and new sales model was also discussed. The generalization I would apply to this model is the new model requires a much deeper relationship and specific and relevant value added detail to earn someone’s business. One can no longer use traditional cold calling and assume a gross percentage of calls or mailers will convert to X percent of a close ratio. A new marketing manager will need to become an expert in their area and adjust their business cases and ROI based on a longer sales cycle, but hopefully customers for life type revenue status associated will result.

Old v New Sales

3 Stages to Earn a Customer, does it cost more?

Finally, in week one we reviewed the 3 stages of a sale per the below chart. The new digital marketing strategy is more about a deeper and more meaningful relationship with a target audience, while also being able to get them to interact with your brand and not just make a purchase. I understand how this deeper level of engagement may take more time, extend the sales cycle, and use more resources to fully manage, however the goal is to increase future retention and more frequent purchases through deeper engagement.


3 steps