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Week 3 Reflection-Kristen Nosky

During the third week of class we learned and discussed the following items:

  • Google Analytics: Our professor signed us into a Google Analytics account and explained how marketing campaigns were organized and what type of analytics are measured through this service.
  • Content Posting Platforms: We discussed different platforms that can be used to post to either one or multiple Facebook pages. Services included: Hootsuite, HubSpot, Yext and Vendasta.
  • Our class discussed weather we think digital marketing is strategic or tactical. I think digital marketing is strategic because if you thoroughly think through how to implement a digital marketing plan, there will be objectives, strategies and tactics.
  • During this class we also discussed each of the communities that we had found online and different benefits that the community offered.

Digital marketing and I

It’s All New to Me                     

Working toward my masters in marketing has changed the way I view so many things.  It makes me look at all of the different forms of advertising surrounding me with a more critical eye.  Seeing all the tactics behind the promotions to entice me to buy makes for interesting viewing because I end up comparing the successful to the rather laughable.  While probably annoying the people around me as I pick apart the media.  A commercial which recently makes me wonder what the company was thinking is the new Yoplait commercials.  If you haven’t seen them, they feature a woman who’s a native French speaker talking about how the yogurt has less sugar, while subtitles run at the bottom.  I just wonder about the effectiveness of this execution and the type of responses others have to this campaign.  Entering into digital has added another magnifying glass to my arsenal giving light to new concepts and processes to evaluate.


Digital Breadcrumbs

            One of the most interesting aspects for me was the class on analytics.  Being able to see the various effectiveness of the methods of delivering the message is a dream.  Tracking this way allows for previous mistakes not to become habits and evaluation of strategies.  It also provides factual support when presenting any ideas and justification for funding of proposed plans.  Coming from an accounting background, traceability of funds and returns on investments are key factors.  With analytics there’s the ability to pair the creative with the numerical in a very real way, satisfying multiple departments.


Changing Habits

One of the earlier blogs done revolved around different segments of the conversation prism.  Each blogger focused on a segment and worked to explain what it is and its impact.  It was fascinating to see the cultural shift we have faced in just the past few years.  My segment focused on the social marketplace, delving into this new way of shopping which places community as its centered and shared idea.  The post on the location segment was intriguing given it is a sensitive topic for some generations and just a way of connection to others.  It’ll be interesting to see future developments in this segment.

And Above All Else…

Content is king!  It is what drives people to you and keeps them coming back.  Which may speak to the reasons why the yogurt commercial bothers me.  It doesn’t drive me to the brand because of the enlightening fact of 25% less sugar.  Instead, it confounds me as to why the message is being delivered this way.  Perhaps it is an attempt at being artistic or even whimsical, but to me it just seems distracting and silly.

Throughout this entire process the objectives of each course have been to apply the lessons to our client.  In terms of my take a ways, the only dim point is the lack of analytics provided to us.  Overall the NextStepU is strong.  The area which needs help is how to reach consumers.

“Somthing…..D.-O.-O. Economics” (Anyone….Anyone?)



Not sure about you, but I can count myself amongst the many other young Americans who graduated school, entering the “adult” world of employment and “personal independence” without much beyond a very basic understanding of personal finance.  The subject was never taught in our high school.  That strikes me as odd, because of how much a lack of practical knowledge can make or break huge chunks of time for most of us.  I recall maybe one out of ten of my friends ever truly seemed to have a comfortable grip on their finances.  The rest of us didn’t know enough to care and didn’t care enough to know.  And maybe the subject would have been as hard to sit through as any other class.


Gotta be fresh

I do remember feeling more than a little nervous when I got my first credit card, car loan, and apartment.  I considered many things when I made these purchasing decisions….color, price, location, were all important factors.  Yet alarmingly absent was any consideration for long term financial implications.  Back then deciding which happy hour to attend was clearly the higher priority.

No agenda, great advice

That’s where reddit’s personal finance subreddit comes in.  Content is there for everyone, but many of the questions come from young adults in the midst of major life-changing decisions that could make, or break their next ten years.  These souls don’t want to pay for a service or listen to a financial adviser talk to them about a 401k plan.  They just want to hear practical advice from someone who has personal knowledge about their specific situation.  “Can I make this work for me, or not?”  r/personalfinance’s ability to facilitate questions and generate logical and believable answers makes this community highly valuable if you still feel like you slept through your high school’s “personal-finance-day”.

Get Inspired with Behance

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.08.16 AMThe Addiction

Once you start browsing you’re sucked in.. It’s easy to start, but painful to stop. Each artist, each project, showcases different methods of creativity. It’s like viewing hundreds of DIY’s, which turn out to be ICDT’s (“I can’t do that’s”). Projects range from photorealism oil paintings, to interactive media apps for mobile devices, to design concepts for the New York Times online site. The possibilities are endless! My favorite part is the “work in progress” (WIP) option, which allows artists to post their progress with a project. If an artist is struggling with their next move, viewers can comment on the WIP and provide suggestions moving forward. Artists usually comment back expressing their thanks for the outsiders’ fresh idea.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.05.32 AMVisuals

The site is easy to use, well designed and easy to browse. Behance does a phenomenal job of drawing the user in by providing simple headers for navigation, showing high def photo teasers, providing browsing category options and more. My favorite is the “Most Appreciated” tab, where Behance presents the current top most liked projects in the world.

Constructive Criticism 

The Behance online community is a safe place for artists to gather. Not only does it provide a likeminded environment for artsy creators, it focuses on encouraging peers to critique artwork. Equipped with like buttons, comment options, and page view tracking, Behance acts as an online support system for creative minds looking for honest feedback.

An Online Community For Art Lovers

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.11.35 AMWorldwide, all users are welcome.Whether you are an artist who is posting in hopes of getting discovered, a non-artist who simply enjoys browsing the newest design trends, a student looking for an easy to use platform to organize your sketches, or a marketing specialist looking for some creative inspiration. Behance is an online community for art lovers.

Can you DIY?

keep calm

Why would anyone follow instructables?

Instructables is an online community for everything DIY. If you have an addiction to making things yourself and proving that you are creative and handy, this might be the right community for you. And let’s face it, once you have completed a project, you want to share with everyone you know! This community allows you to show off your creations and give your own DIY tutorial.

What will you find?

The categories include everything from rafting, workshop projects, cooking/baking, and technology. So you will see a wide variety of interests in the community posts with user generated step by step instructions. There are groups you can join if you are interested in just one type of DIY project. There are also forums for each category offered on the site. There is something for everyone, ideas and projects galore!

Think you are the best at DIY?

Contests are held each month and relate to a certain type of project. You post what you have created and others vote on their favorite posting and project. There are prizes associated with them, and they try to make them correlate with the type of project and user.


What is my favorite part of the site?

I find projects and images of items on Pinterest all the time that I would love to have or make. The problem with Pinterest is that there are no instructions on how to make it; they are just links to where an image was seen. I love that you can see real things that people have been able to create and they share their best step by step instructions.

What is next?

Go now and explore all the DIY possibilities. Just don’t get sucked in before you finish your work, because who knows when you will be done looking!


A Guide For 20-Something Females

Are you an indecisive 20-something female? Yep, me too. We’ve finally made it on our own and are now tasked with having to decide important things- not just our Friday night happy hour spot. Navigating retirement funds, relationships and life can be a struggle, especially for those who prefer second opinions, on like everything.

What It’s All About

20-Something (now also referred to as 30-something since unfortunately aging is inevitable) is a well written blog that discusses most topics that us 20-something year olds like to discuss, like work, traveling, relationships and personal growth. I really appreciate that the author of the blog uses a positive tone of voice that isn’t overly opinionated or judgmental.

pic 1

Variety is the Spice of Life

Although you may want to read about ‘How to survive your high school reunion” your reunion will pass and you’ll want to read about something completely different. This blog covers a wide variety of topics, but also discusses current events and what is going on in the world around us. I really like this aspect of the blog since most blogs of this style stick to writing about topics such as Do It Yourself (DIY- which I do love), Fashion, Family and Food. The extra depth provided in each blog is actually really refreshing and interesting to read!


If Only There Was A Search Box 

Okay, so the content on the blog is fabulous, but this blog is pretty annoying to navigate. Since the blogger is now in her 30’s, I kind of want to read some of the items she discussed when she was, I dont know in her 20’s, but there is no way to search!! I cant fathom having to click through five pages of blog posts, just to reach posts written when the blogger was 26.

All Comedy, All the time. How Funny or Die fits into the conversation


Immortality or a Cryptal death?

This is one site where the number of “likes” really matters, and the ruling of life or death for content lies in the hands of the viewers. Founded in 2007, Funny or Die (FOD) is a an award winning, video comedy website that hosts hundreds of viral celebrity and user generated videos.

How it works.

Celebrities, comedians, and regular users post videos they think are funny. The viewers vote whether they think the video is indeed funny or if it should die. The video gets scored based on the total percentage of viewers that voted. Videos with 80% + votes of funny stay on the site. After 1,000 views, videos with 20% + die ratings, die and are crypted (vaulted). Videos with views of 100,000 + gets an immortal funny ranking.

How can a comedy site help your business? 

TwoFerns (1)

Funny or Die connects with approximately 19 million viewers daily. With low marketing costs they use A-list talent partners to create the exposure and attract users to their site. One of the greatest examples that boasts about the power of the site’s reach is their partnership with the Obama administration in 2014 regarding Obamacare. Garnering more than 8million views within the first few hours of its posting. FOD’s comedic Obamacare videos showed how this site can help businesses grasp a relatively tough to reach audience and present results. In this case an increase of web traffic by 40%. This goes to show that humor can make a personal connection and FOD can be a great vehicle to bring separate conversations into one forum.

Why FOD matters.

FOD injects funny into a mainstream conversations. CEO Dick Glover of FOD said “content drives the deal” and FOD is a proven link between measurable success & smart content marketing.

-Isis Mounts