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Week 3 Reflection-Kristen Nosky

During the third week of class we learned and discussed the following items:

  • Google Analytics: Our professor signed us into a Google Analytics account and explained how marketing campaigns were organized and what type of analytics are measured through this service.
  • Content Posting Platforms: We discussed different platforms that can be used to post to either one or multiple Facebook pages. Services included: Hootsuite, HubSpot, Yext and Vendasta.
  • Our class discussed weather we think digital marketing is strategic or tactical. I think digital marketing is strategic because if you thoroughly think through how to implement a digital marketing plan, there will be objectives, strategies and tactics.
  • During this class we also discussed each of the communities that we had found online and different benefits that the community offered.

You are what you post you are

faculty03When I first looked at this course I had an idea of what it might be and it was nothing like i thought. I thought it would dig deeper into the digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, and web. We did cover a bit of those elements but not as in depth as i thought we would. We dug deeper into things such as Facebook and Twitter marketing. What i took away from that was great. I was able to see a behind the scenes look at what social media marketing is in today’s marketing world. Social media is much more than just “did my post get a like”.

Another huge element on what we covered was blogging. I have never blogged before. I read blogs almost everyday but i have never written one. At first it was strange because i felt like i had to write the blog the same way i wrote every other paper in school. That was partially true but with blogs i need to add a little more of me in them. I shouldn’t be afraid to write like I am having a conversation. A blog should reflect what i think and i should communicate it like i would. This was the difficult part. I had to balance getting what i was trying to say across in my own voice all the while keeping it professional so that what i am saying is believable and respected.

The last part that i liked about this course was the final project. So many times professors make final projects very dry and not enjoyable. This was not the case with this final project. We were able to pick our own topic and our own issue we had to solve. This made it not only challenging but enjoyable. The overall client project was given to us and we have to do it. I for one love a challenge so it is partially enjoyable to me but at times it is challenging to stay motivated. In addition to that the overall project we can not use our own voice. We need to keep it super professional and can not stray. I think writing blogs was very helpful because it broke down walls. Sometimes when you do something different it can refresh your mind and actually make you more creative, this is the case with writing blogs.

The very last part of the class that i enjoyed was the professor. Although at times it was challenging, she brought energy to class. I knew that every night we were in class it would not be a boring lecture with a monotone voiced profession. So many times i have been in a class with a Ferris Bueller professor and made me want to fall asleep. This class was not that. I am hopefully that going forward the professors we have will have the energy and excitement of this class. If that is the case then it will not only make the class more enjoyable but it will help me retain the information.

So you think you’re a Digital marketing Rock star?

I am currently going for my marketing masters through Roberts Wesleyan. The last class was about Strategic Digital marketing, and since we are all in our 20’s I am sure we all thought we would already know everything already.

We were shown otherwise!

Java Printing

An ever changing and evolving kind of marketing!

The digital world changes continuously. There are always new ways to be reaching your target audiences and you have to be aware of what tools they are using. I was not aware of all the different types of applications out there and how many digital tools can be utilized; it is not just about email and your website anymore!

The conversation prism was one tool I used a lot throughout our class, if we needed to brainstorm ideas I would look at the prism first to see if any ideas or tools jumped out to me. This tool obviously does not include every possible option in the digital world but it makes you think about the type of category your idea or product may fit into.

Conversation Prism

Through the prism I have looked at these tools that I was unaware of:

  • Nicheworking- These social network sites are meant to bring people together that all have a common interest. Here are a few to check out: goodreads, Care2, and Foodspotting, and Dogster.
  • Social Curation: This is a collaborative sharing of web content, that can be organized one or more themes. Includes Pinterest and Flipboard.

What is all this hype about blogging?


So when we all first saw we had to blog for this digital class, I was dreading it because I never wanted to blog and figured no one would want to hear what I have to say. Since 4 weeks ago, I have grown to like blogging and am thinking about starting to do on my own site and see how it goes, I tried it before and was not having any success. I think I was missing some important factors on how to get your blog read and followed.

  1. I was not creating tags or categories for my blog posts. These play a huge role in search engine optimization, thus getting your blog post found and read. Without these tools there is a small chance of getting your awesome blog in front of readers that would enjoy what you have to say.
  2. Use headers! Would you rather read something typed up with headers to break up the text or one long document typed like an APA paper, and trust me I am sick of looking at and writing APA papers. Users want to be able to skim and read the parts that are IMPORTANT TO THEM (sorry was trying to get your attention while you were skimming)!

So that is all you need to know! Happy Marketing!

Just kidding, marketing and especially digital marketing has so many possibilities and it is honestly endless. Do not stick to something because that is the way it has been done before, try something new and use the data and metrics to back up your decision!

There is one more thing

1morethingWhenever i want to stay up to date on technology I read Gizmodo. Gizmodo is great because the writers do their homework (most of the time) and i trust them. A community blog that i ran across was Now i am a huge Apple fan. Many people don’t like Apple but i’ve had PCs and android devices and it was a terrible experience. I had a PC while in high school and within a year i had to replace my keyboard and reinstall my operating system. I purchased an IMac in 2009 and the only thing ive had to chance are the batteries in the mouse and keyboard. IT JUST WORKS. This blog however, i am very skeptical of. I used to be obsessed with rumors on what would be on the next IPhone or Mac, but after Steve Jobs passed away it seems like more and more rumors are coming out and it’s making the reveal of the new phone, tablet, computer, etc, less exciting. When steve jobs said those magic words “One more thing” everyone knew something special was coming (Feel free to check it out here I look at this community blog and it ruins the one more thing surprise.

not-sure-if-surprisedAll that being said this is not a bad community blog it just isn’t my thing. I’m the kind of person who likes to be surprised. I get frustrated with my girlfriend because if we are watching a television series she will google the ending and try and tell me about it. If you are the kind of person that needs to know every Mac rumor of what might be coming out this is a great fit for you.

Shirts + Artwork + Contest = Community

636x460longsleeve_girls_01I love your shirt!

Why thank you! I got it from Threadless.  It’s a site that sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, other items and prints.

So where do they get these awesome designs?

That’s the fun part. All the designs are made by the community of Threadless Aritsts. Artists, or really anyone that registers to create designs, can enter designs.

636x460design_01 (3)I can enter my own artwork!? 

Yup. You can enter designs that will be scored, highest ones are run as T-shirts. As well, Threadless runs contests over different themes for shirt designs. Then these designs are voted on by the community. Design winners receive prizes and their work is printed on shirts, hoodies, and other materials.

Can I do anything else?

Of course you can! Besides all of the functions of design, entering work, and voting on it, you can also post to the community forums and read the Threadless blog. The community forms range from general topics, to art and design work, tips and tricks for getting your design submitted and printed, and even general projects you are working on.

Threadless’ blog also covers all topics of art and design, emerging artists, and trends within the community. Each post allows you to share it on many social media platforms, as well as make your own comments to the writer.

Why do you like it?

Personally, I love Threadless. I was never heavily involved with the community, just always shopping. However, more recently I’ve been looking into the design contests and discovered the community forums. Everyone is generally friendly and helpful with really great feedback. As well, the community is 636x460design_01 (1)up to date and thriving with new posts by the hour.

I personally can’t wait to have more time to get deeper involved with the community and participating in the designs and contests.

What the Blog?

Looking for a blog to read and follow is always a challenge. There are so many things to consider and rules to follow when looking for the right blog for you. Here are a few tips that in my mind will help anyone find a blog post that fits them:


Are you serious?!

1) Is the author serious?!
When looking for a blog post the person writing the post should be someone you trust. For example you won’t follow someone’s blog who talks about how to cook a steak but is a vegetarian. The blog could be about anything, but just as long as the author actually has some experience or  something backing up with writing.

2) Is it worth your time?
Plain and simple make sure whatever you are reading is worth your time. If you are reading a blog and it is not really filling that reason for why you started reading it, trash it, now.

3) Is it a desert?
The great thing about blogs is that it allows people to add some personality to the writing. If the blog you are reading is dry and feels like you are reading a white paper or instruction manual, find another blog or don’t read blogs. I blog is supposed to be fun and entertaining not dry and boring.

4) Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

When i read blogs i read them because they give me information i need to know. They don’t fool around and they get to the point. I feel like some blogs add so much fluff just to make it longer that it ruins the blog. Meanwhile i have read blogs that are short and they are some of the best blogs i read.

In a nutshell read a blog must be something you can relate to. Read something you enjoy.

Sports News with a Flare

Since I was in middle school, sports have been my life. During my early teens and high school, I devoted all my time to either lessons for baseball, lifting for football, and to various training camps to prepare for upcoming sports. In college, there was no off season as training was 12 months per year. Even now, I continue to stay active in following collegiate and professional sports teams. I love sports trivia and keeping up with the latest sports news. Recently an old football teammate introduced me to Deadspin, which is an athlete’s and sport enthusiast’s dream blog.

First Glance


When I first looked on the blog, the first post was about Lebron James, my all-time favorite basketball professional athlete. I was immediately intrigued and was sold on the website. The article pertained to Lebron making coaching calls, and acting in a coaching role and not just a player. People watching the sport think Lebron runs the show, not the coach. As I read the article, I thought immediately this is a pretty controversial topic that typical news station wouldn’t run. I liked this type of reporting because I like controversial topics and the discussions they create.

Benefits of Deadspin

As a sports enthusiast, I think the blog offers the most up-to-date sports news. Twitter also has sports breaking news, with limited information. Twitter takes the title for the quickest news stories; however, Deadspin offers unbiased articles on various topics and angles in the all sports. Some sports broadcasters can be bias, and Deadspin is a breath of fresh air. They offer sports news and commentary, with humor.

Continue to read?

Of course! Deadspin helps break up the monotony of normal sports broadcasting and keeps me up to date on all my sports teams. I suggest you start reading as well!