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The more you know!


No matter how much you think you know, there is always more to learn. That’s what I found out in my time over the past few weeks in this class. In my past few jobs I did dabble in a bit of digital marketing; Facebook promotions, SEO, email marketing, etc. I knew there was more to learn, but I never imagined all that I would.

During the class I got a much greater depth knowledge or Google analytics and Adwords. This has helped so much. In my current job we work with vendor partners who run Adwords campaigns for us. I knew that we would have an ad that was up on Google, but that was the extent of how I knew it worked. Now I know that what we are paying for are the words we are bidding on within the campaigns we are running, as well as setting the time of day and geography. This gives me a lot more knowledge when we are discussing with the vendors new campaigns to run, how to select the words we are bidding on, as well as for our target markets when we want to run these campaigns.

With analytics, we can now track on our website what is working and what isn’t. I knew what was good and what wasn’t on analytics before, however I never really knew how to explain it to others. I just knew what was good and what wasn’t. After our analytics class I was able to cooperate with the girls in my office to make a presentation to explain how analytics work to our management. Since we could explain that we were losing people from the front page with no call to action, and then SHOW that we were losing people. The ability to then show them what was happening off our website because of a lack of call to action was remarkable.

BloggingI got to learn more about blogs. I use to blog a lot and we have one that we run as work. The tips and tricks that I have learned to make a better blog are phenomenal. Not only has my personal blogging gotten better, but I have been able to successfully give tips to the engineers at work. When we started the blog at work, the engineers were writing full essays. Multiple pages, no headers, no breaks, just pages of technical writing. Now, they have headers, shorter posts, fun interaction questions, and a readable blog that is growing each day.

From everything that I have learned I’ve got a lot of ideas buzzing around for NextStepU that they are not utilizing. They could do a lot of work with Adwords to boost their brand awareness as well as a lot more with social media that would be helpful to part of the target market. I think with using some of these techniques that were learned, a very strong digital plan could be used with NextStepU that would be far more effective then traditional media plans. I am really excited to move forward and get working on our full marketing plans for NextStepU.


Reflections Week 3

I think of the most helpful things that we went over this week was Google analytics. I have used it briefly at my last job and am currently working on getting it set correctly at my current job. So it was really nice to have a full go over of how to works, how you can set goals, filters, and look into all the different data from the site.

I also enjoyed out assignment to go out and find other communities. I actually found a few others that I have now joined that I did not write about. One is actually a runner community that works through sending emails daily with a discussion thread you can post to. It is really interesting. Its nice having a class where we are told to go look for new websites, blogs, and materials that we would never had looked at before.

Shirts + Artwork + Contest = Community

636x460longsleeve_girls_01I love your shirt!

Why thank you! I got it from Threadless.  It’s a site that sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, other items and prints.

So where do they get these awesome designs?

That’s the fun part. All the designs are made by the community of Threadless Aritsts. Artists, or really anyone that registers to create designs, can enter designs.

636x460design_01 (3)I can enter my own artwork!? 

Yup. You can enter designs that will be scored, highest ones are run as T-shirts. As well, Threadless runs contests over different themes for shirt designs. Then these designs are voted on by the community. Design winners receive prizes and their work is printed on shirts, hoodies, and other materials.

Can I do anything else?

Of course you can! Besides all of the functions of design, entering work, and voting on it, you can also post to the community forums and read the Threadless blog. The community forms range from general topics, to art and design work, tips and tricks for getting your design submitted and printed, and even general projects you are working on.

Threadless’ blog also covers all topics of art and design, emerging artists, and trends within the community. Each post allows you to share it on many social media platforms, as well as make your own comments to the writer.

Why do you like it?

Personally, I love Threadless. I was never heavily involved with the community, just always shopping. However, more recently I’ve been looking into the design contests and discovered the community forums. Everyone is generally friendly and helpful with really great feedback. As well, the community is 636x460design_01 (1)up to date and thriving with new posts by the hour.

I personally can’t wait to have more time to get deeper involved with the community and participating in the designs and contests.

Reflections on Week 2

In week two we went over a lot with google ad words and SEO. I’m very excited about these topics specifically. At my work we just hired an intern to work on our website and mobile application. We now have someone who can implement the SEO within the website to make ir more google friendly.

In addition, we are now looking at getting google analytic and google adwords certified for our company. This way when we are working with out larger vendor partners, we can manage our own adwords accounts and not have to pay another company to run it for us.

In terms of the our different projects I’ve gotten some great ideas.

For the final project, I really like the idea of using proper SEO implementation to gain a better awareness to pop up on within a search. In addition, using ecommerce with etsy to reach people who want to help animals by donating while getting something in return.

With the NextStepU project, I feel like adwords as well as analytics can be very useful. Mainly in terms of getting proper searchability with SEO. Then using google adwords to purchase certain keywords around the times that kids are preparing for college in summer.

DIY builds and repairs with HACKADAY!

What is HackaDay?

Hackaday is a blog that divulges into how to build, repair, and create your own customer hacks all with the realm of technology.

Why this blog?

Hackaday give a lot of valuable information on all different types of technology hacks. The blog actually give step by step instructions on how to do each project. As well, they encourage their community to submit their own projects to share with others.




Each post gives great images; whether it be just the header image for a simple project, or a full on step-by-step guide. The images may not be professional, but they are real project by the contributors.


The main contributors to Hackaday post regularly. In fact, multiple times a day, from different contributors. There is always something new to read, learn, and DIY yourself.

Tags and Categories

Each and every post is tagged and categorized. This makes finding what you want to look at quick and easy.



It depends on the contributor of the article. Some are easy to scan through and see if you really want to dive deep to learn more, and other are really a read in the process of figuring out what is going on in the post.

Quick & Easy

Again, depending on the contributor, some posts are quick and easy. Some are very long. Now this may be because of the project at hand, however some of the post are just lengthy. You add that to not skim friendly and you end up with a tedious read, not a friendly blog post.


In terms of color, it is not my favorite. However, that may be personal preference.

Overall thoughts?

The blog itself has a lot of good information. If you can make your way through the negative areas and it really interests you, this is a great blog to follow.

Reflections on week one

This week there was a vast amount of information that I found super useful. The first being about the how to formulate websites to increase their usability and give direction to the audience. This is great since I just got my intern hired full time, as well as another intern that is doing our web and mobile work. So the changes that need to be made to my companies website to make it user friendly and give people a direction on where to go, can actually be done!

Second is all about blogs. I’ve learned a lot more about blogs then I even knew just from one class. This is helpful in that I would love to revamp my own blog and get it up and running again. I use to write once every two weeks, but I let that slide. I would like to get back on top of that again. As well, my company has a blog. I will be able to give them hints and tips for writing a more effective blog, since right now they sometimes write novels.

This gives me a lot of great ideas for the capstone project. Since I am redoing the website for the non-profit, I have a better grasp on what to do and what messages and images we want to push to the top of the page. In addition, I know that the non-profit actually does a decent amount of blogging, so I can also give her tips on better ways to blog to make it more easily readable and have greater content.

Invite everyone, everywhere, in an instant! With a penguin?

What does a penguin have to do with events?plancast

That cute little penguin is the logo for a company called Plancast; a business focused on events, whether that be allowing users to plan an event, select and event to attend, or share details, photos, and posts from the event. Fun Fact: The penguin logo was created to reflect how the users follow each other, just as penguins that follow each other everywhere!

How does this penguin relate to the “YOU”

Good question? Plancast focuses on the users needs, making it customizable to each person, whether that is the event planner or the attendee. They know their audience and do a great job with each aspect of the event process.

So does this penguin engage meaningfully?

Yes, Plancast meaningfully engages with its users. Plancasts vision is to help event organizers as well as stay in touch with attendees. The purpose of this social media device is to allow everything about the event to be in one place for each user. Plancast’s value to its user is the ability to have everything in one social media outlet for events. Plancast is very committed to their users. Making it easy for them to create, plan, and attend. Plancast is transparent doing exactly what they say, making events easy to plan and share.

Penguins’ business?

Plancast falls into the realm of sales, with a tidbit of communication. The objective of Plancast is for event planners to be able to organize and share events. Users can find, attend, and share event with friends. They’re in the business of selling events to their penguin followers.


Plancast is an adaptive listener to users and always morphing. With all different goodies (web extensions, apps, connections to other social outlets), they make it easy for users everywhere. Written by Mercedes