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NextSteps in Reaching Consumers

NextStep in Reaching Consumers

When we first started this cohort I figured I had a general working knowledge and was fairly savvy in digital marketing but I quickly learned the knowledge I had was not even a fraction of what digital marketing really is. I had an understanding that businesses needed to have a digital marketing strategy which include the basics such as accessible websites, activity on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I did not realize how much of an effect digital marketing played in the role of driving sales and profit. My three biggest take -a-ways from this class that I will directly use in my integrated marketing plan for our client are, the use of Facebook paid advertisements, direct email marketing and the use of YouTube in an effort to gain brand awareness and show the inner workings of the business.


fb logo

I think utilizing Facebook as means of marketing to potential consumers is very vital because many people in today’s society use Facebook. Facebook provides a means to reach a huge consumer market. For our client, my target market is generally mothers/ parents of high school students and also the student themselves, which a majority are connected on Facebook. Facebook proves to be an affordable tactic to reach these consumers and there are metrics to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign. Facebook allows you to see how well the business activities are doing and you can monitor your effectiveness and make changes as necessary.

Direct Email

Just think, how many times a week or day even do you get emails from businesses offering promotions or directing you to their website? I can honestly say I receive around 10 a day. Do I actually look at them all? No, I typically will delete them. And that is the challenge that email marketers have is trying to find good content and a good subject to put into an email blast so that consumers will open the email in hopes of driving traffic to their business. Email marketing I always thought was “old school” until I learned that it is one of the best ROI’s in the digital marketing world. I will incorporate direct email blasts for our client weekly offering promotions of services and workshops in hopes of increasing consumer traffic and a higher conversion rate.


YouTube is my go to when I have a little down time as it is for many people. Actually, almost one billion people per month visit YouTube and watch nearly 6 billion hours of videos. As a business owner I would want my business on YouTube in hopes of raising my brand awareness. YouTube now offers an analytics portion to their advertising so as a marketer can see how well your ad is performing. Also you can control your daily budget, only spending when someone actually interacts with your ad. Another very useful feature is that YouTube allows you to target specific ages, gender, location, and interests so for my client I will make a targeted campaign to the mothers and high school graduates.


Get motivated to change!



If I am not working or doing homework, you will undoubtedly find me in the gym. Since I was young I have always had an interest in working out primarily due to the sports I played. I went through a period of time when I was 300lbs and was a power lifter focusing on lifting extreme weights…not the most flattering time of my life.  Now, my goals have changed to a healthy lifestyle and bodybuilding style of lifting.

The Community feel 

I was first introduced to BodySpace by one of my friends who is a competitive bodybuilder. I had heard that the site had great articles and member posts on new meal plan ideas, supplement guides, workout routines and equipment. The main draw to this bodybuilding community was not just the new ideology being shared, but the opportunity to meet other lifters of all ages and experience.

How it can help you

In this community you can share you goals, your workout plan, supplements you take and get real feedback from community members. For example, my goal is to get to 8.5-9% body fat this summer. Other members can see my goals and can share their ideas and help by suggesting meal plans and different workouts. I will never consider myself an expert at anything I do, especially on the topic of working out but having this community of 10 million plus members I can be confident I can find answers to any question I have from subject experts.

Is it for everyone?

No, I do not think this site is for everyone as living a fit life isn’t for everyone. It is a personal choice but if you want to get healthy or just live an active life this is a site I definitely would recommend! You set your goals and they will help you reach them!



Sports News with a Flare

Since I was in middle school, sports have been my life. During my early teens and high school, I devoted all my time to either lessons for baseball, lifting for football, and to various training camps to prepare for upcoming sports. In college, there was no off season as training was 12 months per year. Even now, I continue to stay active in following collegiate and professional sports teams. I love sports trivia and keeping up with the latest sports news. Recently an old football teammate introduced me to Deadspin, which is an athlete’s and sport enthusiast’s dream blog.

First Glance


When I first looked on the blog, the first post was about Lebron James, my all-time favorite basketball professional athlete. I was immediately intrigued and was sold on the website. The article pertained to Lebron making coaching calls, and acting in a coaching role and not just a player. People watching the sport think Lebron runs the show, not the coach. As I read the article, I thought immediately this is a pretty controversial topic that typical news station wouldn’t run. I liked this type of reporting because I like controversial topics and the discussions they create.

Benefits of Deadspin

As a sports enthusiast, I think the blog offers the most up-to-date sports news. Twitter also has sports breaking news, with limited information. Twitter takes the title for the quickest news stories; however, Deadspin offers unbiased articles on various topics and angles in the all sports. Some sports broadcasters can be bias, and Deadspin is a breath of fresh air. They offer sports news and commentary, with humor.

Continue to read?

Of course! Deadspin helps break up the monotony of normal sports broadcasting and keeps me up to date on all my sports teams. I suggest you start reading as well!

The Power of Prezi

Prezi vs. PowerPoint

I was first introduced to Prezi in a college class when a fellow classmate used it for a presentation. Most of us in the class had used PowerPoint. The Prezi was more engaging and personalized, however, I am not sure Prezi is a good tool in the business world.


Good Presenter to Great Presenter

Prezi touts that they can provide the tools to help you become a great presenter. Prezi offers a few more features that PowerPoint in that it contains motion and the custom templates show quickly how ideas relate to one another. There are interesting features that can be added to entertain the audience.

Cloud-BasedBusinessman works with Virtual Cloud Computer

Prezi is cloud-based which allows the user to present from anywhere, anytime. This is a great feature. The presentation can be shown and edited from many devices such as browser, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or android device.


Prezi has a fee for various levels of use. They do have reduced fees for students and teachers. There are three levels, Enjoy, Pro and Teams. The fees range from $10 per month to $13.25 per month for the Teams level. There is a 7 day free trial available and also a public account that is free. However, any Prezi created under these accounts are publically visible and would not be a good option for businesses.

Graphics vs. Traditional?

PowerPoint and Prezi have different pros and cons. Certainly knowing your audience would influence your decision on which presentation method to choose. Prezi ‘s specific advantages include visual impact, features, and movement. PowerPoint’s advantages include flexibility, fact presentation, and personalization. Images and videos can be included in both. Most people who use PowerPoint do not use all the features. In the end, both Prezi and PowerPoint have capabilities for presenting facts in a creative manner if you know how to use all the features.