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You are what you post you are

faculty03When I first looked at this course I had an idea of what it might be and it was nothing like i thought. I thought it would dig deeper into the digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, and web. We did cover a bit of those elements but not as in depth as i thought we would. We dug deeper into things such as Facebook and Twitter marketing. What i took away from that was great. I was able to see a behind the scenes look at what social media marketing is in today’s marketing world. Social media is much more than just “did my post get a like”.

Another huge element on what we covered was blogging. I have never blogged before. I read blogs almost everyday but i have never written one. At first it was strange because i felt like i had to write the blog the same way i wrote every other paper in school. That was partially true but with blogs i need to add a little more of me in them. I shouldn’t be afraid to write like I am having a conversation. A blog should reflect what i think and i should communicate it like i would. This was the difficult part. I had to balance getting what i was trying to say across in my own voice all the while keeping it professional so that what i am saying is believable and respected.

The last part that i liked about this course was the final project. So many times professors make final projects very dry and not enjoyable. This was not the case with this final project. We were able to pick our own topic and our own issue we had to solve. This made it not only challenging but enjoyable. The overall client project was given to us and we have to do it. I for one love a challenge so it is partially enjoyable to me but at times it is challenging to stay motivated. In addition to that the overall project we can not use our own voice. We need to keep it super professional and can not stray. I think writing blogs was very helpful because it broke down walls. Sometimes when you do something different it can refresh your mind and actually make you more creative, this is the case with writing blogs.

The very last part of the class that i enjoyed was the professor. Although at times it was challenging, she brought energy to class. I knew that every night we were in class it would not be a boring lecture with a monotone voiced profession. So many times i have been in a class with a Ferris Bueller professor and made me want to fall asleep. This class was not that. I am hopefully that going forward the professors we have will have the energy and excitement of this class. If that is the case then it will not only make the class more enjoyable but it will help me retain the information.


There is one more thing

1morethingWhenever i want to stay up to date on technology I read Gizmodo. Gizmodo is great because the writers do their homework (most of the time) and i trust them. A community blog that i ran across was Now i am a huge Apple fan. Many people don’t like Apple but i’ve had PCs and android devices and it was a terrible experience. I had a PC while in high school and within a year i had to replace my keyboard and reinstall my operating system. I purchased an IMac in 2009 and the only thing ive had to chance are the batteries in the mouse and keyboard. IT JUST WORKS. This blog however, i am very skeptical of. I used to be obsessed with rumors on what would be on the next IPhone or Mac, but after Steve Jobs passed away it seems like more and more rumors are coming out and it’s making the reveal of the new phone, tablet, computer, etc, less exciting. When steve jobs said those magic words “One more thing” everyone knew something special was coming (Feel free to check it out here I look at this community blog and it ruins the one more thing surprise.

not-sure-if-surprisedAll that being said this is not a bad community blog it just isn’t my thing. I’m the kind of person who likes to be surprised. I get frustrated with my girlfriend because if we are watching a television series she will google the ending and try and tell me about it. If you are the kind of person that needs to know every Mac rumor of what might be coming out this is a great fit for you.

What the Blog?

Looking for a blog to read and follow is always a challenge. There are so many things to consider and rules to follow when looking for the right blog for you. Here are a few tips that in my mind will help anyone find a blog post that fits them:


Are you serious?!

1) Is the author serious?!
When looking for a blog post the person writing the post should be someone you trust. For example you won’t follow someone’s blog who talks about how to cook a steak but is a vegetarian. The blog could be about anything, but just as long as the author actually has some experience or ┬ásomething backing up with writing.

2) Is it worth your time?
Plain and simple make sure whatever you are reading is worth your time. If you are reading a blog and it is not really filling that reason for why you started reading it, trash it, now.

3) Is it a desert?
The great thing about blogs is that it allows people to add some personality to the writing. If the blog you are reading is dry and feels like you are reading a white paper or instruction manual, find another blog or don’t read blogs. I blog is supposed to be fun and entertaining not dry and boring.

4) Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

When i read blogs i read them because they give me information i need to know. They don’t fool around and they get to the point. I feel like some blogs add so much fluff just to make it longer that it ruins the blog. Meanwhile i have read blogs that are short and they are some of the best blogs i read.

In a nutshell read a blog must be something you can relate to. Read something you enjoy.

Are you fit enough?

FitBitWhat is a FitBit?

A FitBit is a wireless-enabled activity tracker. What a fit bit does is tracks things such as number of steps taken, number of good hours slept and your location with a build in GPS (This all depends on the model you buy. Not all models have a GPS). Think of a FitBit as a cooler more 21st century pedometer.

Why use a FitBit?

It helps people more closely track their physical activity and it can update to their phone, tablet, or computer in real time. In order for it to update real time on your device, the device must be bluetooth enabled.

Would I recommend a FitBit?

Yes and no. I recently purchased a FitBit for my girlfriend and everyone at work had one so it did interest me to see what the big deal is.

Yes! Buy It.

I am a big supporter of anyone who tries to become healthier. If buying a FitBit will allow you to do that and start that journey by all means go down to Best Buy and pick one up. The fact that it allows you to see what you have done in real time and compare it to where you want to be is great. If you feel like shelling out the mucho dollars for the top of the line model with the GPS so more power to ya.

No! Stay Away

Lets be real here, all a FitBit is, is a techy’s dream of what a pedometer should be. If all your looking to do is track your steps, you don’t need this. At some companies and with some health insurance plans a pedometer is covered. Instead of having to look at your phone for your steps you look down at your waist and read the number.