Meet quarter end with a Blog?

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Meet quarter end with a Blog?

How many sales managers or marketing managers recall the phone call two weeks before quarter end and the company is 10% short on the revenue budget and the bosses are looking for sales, and from anywhere. All of a sudden you start the aggressive conference calls finding out which region has a full pipeline to tap, what rep has prospects that can take product early, what program can be launched in two weeks, and even yes – team you better hit your objective this quarter or you may not be here for the next one.


If you heard, Johnny from the Allentown market comment he had five registered users on his blog that posted last week they were interested in participating in a pilot program for a 10% discount and a 12 month term, and they said they could sign ASAP. You would kiss Johnny on the forehead then say; what the heck is a blog?

Benefits of blogs or microsites or forums or whatever you want to call them today?

Yes, this technology moves fast and so do the names. A community site using digit marketing can be a match made in heaven for exchanging goods. Providing the proper discussion topics, intellectual feedback and two way conversation to a very targeted market that has similar interests; could there be a better marketplace? In addition, traditional marketing typically told you what to do, however community sites educate you on how to make the best decisions, so listen and learn, then produce the best product for the best price to meet the customer at the right time at the right place to consider your product. By the way, if you educate the customer on something that may not lead to an immediate sale, trust is built, and trust wins deals!

Is traditional marketing that different from digital marketing?

Yes, but just like personal selling was different from newspaper advertising or then direct mail or then telesales and on and on. Digital marketing is very different from traditional marketing, however similar principles apply and if you do not sharpen your skills and add digital marketing to your tool kit, you will be left behind. helped us.

These leads stink!

That’s the goal, to eliminate non-qualified, non-interested, and non-potential customers from the sales guys list. That’s right, no more mass direct mail, outbound dialing for dollars or blind email. Digital marketing provides the means to create deeper engagement and interaction with a company to form deeper relationships. Sounds similar to the courtship process? It is!

People communicate very differently today, so since the marketing and sales process is a mirror into how people interact and communicate, it’s time to get on the same page. Either a website, or social site, or email distribution, or webinar, or download, or blog, or search engine, you get the point!


The new sales cycle. more challenging, takes longer but lasts longer, involves more steps, takes more contacts, and the more education you provide to a prospect – they may appreciate that, and buy something from you!


2 thoughts on “Meet quarter end with a Blog?

  1. jillianlauritzson

    It’s true. Digital marketing is all about engagement and interaction. Great job with your overview. I liked the images you provided!



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