Last, but not least.

imagesX6P1AGFPTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”-Benjamin Franklin.

I really enjoyed this digital marketing class. I have learned a lot of valuable information that is not only interesting, but extremely valuable. The reason I have gotten so much out of these past five weeks is because we have gotten deeply involved in every aspect of what we were learning. From creating our own blog posts to presenting a real digital marketing plan to the “board”, I have been able to learn new ideas in a way that has allowed me to really grasp the concepts and fully understand what I need to include in our client project.


images5H4R4FHSThe first aspect I will take with me into our final client project is blogging. Five weeks ago, I had never written a blog in my life. I have found that I actually enjoy doing it, and even more, I enjoy reading other people’s blogs as well. Not only are blogs full of information that is relevant to a person’s particular interests, but they allow you to engage with people you would never normally interact with in life. I think a NextStepU blog will be very beneficial for the company’s growth. There is a lot that can be said about college prep, financial aid, choosing a major, how to get through dorm life and many, many other topics. This will be a great tool to use to get all kinds of current and potential clients of NextStepU engaged and interested in the company.

Google Analytics

The next area that I found extremely useful and interesting was the lesson on Google Analytics. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I didn’t exactly know what this was until we learned about it in class. However, I am amazed at the enormous amounts of information you can gather about people that visit your webpage. This tool is imperative to measuring the success of your marketing tactics. I’m not sure if NextStepU is currently taking advantage of Google Analytics, but I would be interested to see their results if they are. Regardless of whether this tools is currently being utilized or not, it will certainly be incorporated into my final client project.

Social Media

This is a very important factor to be considered for NextStepU. First of all, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest definitely need to be a part of the final client project marketing plan. These are a few of the top social media sites being utilized by college age kids. Again, until this class, I never knew the ins and outs of paid social media advertising. I knew it existed, of course, but I didn’t know how it worked exactly. Since NextStepU currently has followers on Facebook and Twitter, I think a social media ad campaign would be very beneficial.


Overall, I really enjoyed this digital marketing class and I seriously learned a lot of extremely valuable information. Definitely one of my favorites so far!


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