Digital marketing and I

It’s All New to Me                     

Working toward my masters in marketing has changed the way I view so many things.  It makes me look at all of the different forms of advertising surrounding me with a more critical eye.  Seeing all the tactics behind the promotions to entice me to buy makes for interesting viewing because I end up comparing the successful to the rather laughable.  While probably annoying the people around me as I pick apart the media.  A commercial which recently makes me wonder what the company was thinking is the new Yoplait commercials.  If you haven’t seen them, they feature a woman who’s a native French speaker talking about how the yogurt has less sugar, while subtitles run at the bottom.  I just wonder about the effectiveness of this execution and the type of responses others have to this campaign.  Entering into digital has added another magnifying glass to my arsenal giving light to new concepts and processes to evaluate.


Digital Breadcrumbs

            One of the most interesting aspects for me was the class on analytics.  Being able to see the various effectiveness of the methods of delivering the message is a dream.  Tracking this way allows for previous mistakes not to become habits and evaluation of strategies.  It also provides factual support when presenting any ideas and justification for funding of proposed plans.  Coming from an accounting background, traceability of funds and returns on investments are key factors.  With analytics there’s the ability to pair the creative with the numerical in a very real way, satisfying multiple departments.


Changing Habits

One of the earlier blogs done revolved around different segments of the conversation prism.  Each blogger focused on a segment and worked to explain what it is and its impact.  It was fascinating to see the cultural shift we have faced in just the past few years.  My segment focused on the social marketplace, delving into this new way of shopping which places community as its centered and shared idea.  The post on the location segment was intriguing given it is a sensitive topic for some generations and just a way of connection to others.  It’ll be interesting to see future developments in this segment.

And Above All Else…

Content is king!  It is what drives people to you and keeps them coming back.  Which may speak to the reasons why the yogurt commercial bothers me.  It doesn’t drive me to the brand because of the enlightening fact of 25% less sugar.  Instead, it confounds me as to why the message is being delivered this way.  Perhaps it is an attempt at being artistic or even whimsical, but to me it just seems distracting and silly.

Throughout this entire process the objectives of each course have been to apply the lessons to our client.  In terms of my take a ways, the only dim point is the lack of analytics provided to us.  Overall the NextStepU is strong.  The area which needs help is how to reach consumers.


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