Are you paying attention?

imgres (2)Business use

With business trying to get the most out of every dollar they are spending, are they watching and knowing what that dollar is really doing? The marketplace that we know of today is very different then yesterday. The current tools and marketing practices allow much greater detail about a single customer. This leads to the question what are the marketers doing about it. It can be fast paced and changed for every customer but it’s not stopping there. It’s important to know what the marketing is trying to drive. With the end goal being sales most of the time it’s easy to just measure sales numbers but measuring something else could lead to greater return.

With the use of Google analytics imgresit now can give you a glimpse into much more than just the end sales numbers. Trying to figure out where or how your customers are coming to you? This powerful tool will show important data for a business to track.

One example of using this data to drive sales is Home Depot. With completion from Lowes taking market share away Home Depot need to react. The way that they did this was to make little changes over time to its website. These little changes were big drivers of the outcome however. One of the things that Home Depot noticed with its data review was that shopper would leave there site to find out how some tools worked, their answer was to include small video clips of the product in action. The other was that most people were using a mobile operating system when viewing its site. was already mobile friendly but was not as easy to use. The change they made was to the search field making it the center of the mobile site.

It’s all about the proposal!proposal

Haven just gotten married I know this to be very true, the ENGAGEMENT is very important. It takes planning, time, effort and lastly the right people. This is true in marriage and in marketing, divorce is expensive, so it’s best to get it right the first time.

In marketing when talking engagement it’s about the digital marketing efforts and how they are imgresworking. The most common is Facebook, and the efforts are to get people talking about your product. This holds true for most digital marketing not just Facebook. When done correctly and well planned with ad buys and maximizing the usage social media can be a great tool. When done poorly, a company could have just created a place for unhappy customers to come together and have a very large voice about a certain product.

One of the last things I learned is that people have to not know they were looking for you as a company but your name comes up when they GOOGLE something. SEO is a big thing and it’s something that companies need to be aware of. This knowledge could point out major short comings or allow an advantage over the competition.



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