Reflections from Week MKT570_M Tenalio


Keeping notes each week on topics discussed, read in our books or just interesting info is critical to recall and reflection. This is a practice I have used in business but is clearly reinforced in this Marketing Program.

Looking back on the past four weeks there are three groups of topics I can summarize, Key Learnings, Cool Stuff and Company Policy.

Key Learnings

  • A web site should be a Marketing Hub, a digital megaphone. It should create communities outside of the site. It should have defined goals. It should reach the defined target audience.


  • Digital Marketing is a tectonic shift in marketing communications, marketing strategy and marketing skill sets. For those (like me) who have been in business for 3 decades I sum it up as “holy SH&%$#, I have no idea how to develop a digital marketing strategy”.
  • I thought social media and digital marketing was Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Now I find out there are 2 biliion variations. Ok, I am from the generation that does not like to post every little detail about myself for the world to read. But I guess we need to post relevant information in our work setting to reach our markets. A bit of cognitive dissonance.
  • The presentation and associated paper has helped me formulate my digital marketing initiatives into a comprehensive and cohesive plan. I look forward to everyone’s feedback.


Cool Stuff

    • Periscope (live streaming video),
    • Vine (6 seconds video), – think about the power of real time video streaming in our business
    • Find the ad words that generate leads. Use keyword generator
    • Check your website in
    • Facebook Promoted Post – look up Hubspot or Hearsay or Hootsuite or juiceanalytics or kissmetrics or or


  • –sell photos online, a unique art blog and site
  • is a DIY blog site
  • is similar to pinterest
  • for golf info – Thanks Jeff.
  • Just like no project is worth doing if you can’t buy a new tool. So too, marketing classes aren’t worth taking if you don’t get some cool learnings.



Digital Media Policy

  • Digital media policy from a company (Mayo Clinic)
    • Don’t lie don’t pry – Don’t cheat, cant delete – Don’t steal, don’t reveal
  • Now I guess we need to look at implementing a policy to manage digital media. My company has one that is highly restrictive and YouTube and Facebook are now permitted. Question how to change a long standing policy that is not reflective of contemporary times and certainly does not support a digital marketing campaign. If my competition posts something on YouTube I have to wait to get home to watch it.


  • See you all next class.
    • Enjoy the 4th.
      • Celebrate safely.
        • My motto – work hard – play harder.

One thought on “Reflections from Week MKT570_M Tenalio

  1. kay301

    I liked you key learning point about the digital presences being the megaphone along with how you formatted your information. What key points do you think transfer best to meet your company’s needs and what type of changes do you see yourself making in regards to your personal social presence after this class?



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