Where did all my friends go?


I went to my favorite bar to meet my snowmobiling friends and the bar was empty? Not only are my friends not there, but they are all going to a new hangout that provides them with 50,000 new friends that enjoy snowmobiling just like me.

empty bar pic


This new bar also allows me to bypass any cheap talk I don’t feel like listening to. It allows me to bypass meaningless conversation on topics that used to bore me at the old bar. That’s right, the online community of snowmobilers called allows me to connect with snowmobile enthusiasts just like me; when I feel like talking to them. Oh yeah, these new friends also think what I have to say is pretty important too!

Not sure about your next purchase, just ask 50,000 people just like you! provides me with validation of my decisions related to snowmobiling! There is always someone available that purchased, used, or knows someone that tried what I am interested in learning.

This new bar is much bigger than our last hangout and I can always find someone that can provide me with valuable and credible advice. Sometimes 10 riders or more have experience in something I would like to understand, do, or purchase related to the sport of snowmobiling.

Where is the snow? I want to ride my $20,000 snowmobile this year.

One of the benefits of my new community of friends is the fact that I do not have to go anywhere to converse with my new bar friends. They can come into my living room when I want and leave when I log off.

Snowmobiling is an expensive sport with a very short riding season. The best part about my new community of bar friends is the real time trail conditions and snowfall totals that are discussed!

mountain riding



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