Photo Journalism – A Career on the Front Lines

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Photo Journalism – A Career on the Front Lines

Photographers try to blend technology and art to create an image, capture a moment, bring inspiration or emotion to an advertisement or document an event. From engineering to photojournalism careers are launched and made. From the Vietnam War to Afghanistan to Syria, photo journalists are on the front lines bringing us firsthand accounts of news worthy events. The digital era coupled with telecommunications brings us to the front lines immediately, in real time.

 vietnam girl

AS-RefID: C1142314300 E34000916

AS-RefID: C1142314300 E34000916


Continuing with the I AM NIKON blog posts we learn about modern day photojournalists like Kadir Van Lohuizen and how he uses digital photography to raise awareness of global conflicts and events. He has co-founded NOOR , an international non-profit photo agency that provides a visual history of humanity and aims to educate people about the world we live in.

My passion for photography started nearly 40 years ago when I purchased my first single lens reflext (SLR) 35mm film camera. It continued through education at Kodak and RIT and spanned two decades at Eastman Kodak. Along the way, around 1997, I was introduced to digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and the endless possibilities that came from digital technology.

Throughout my career I have met many great photographers and photo journalists and I encourage anyone who is interested in technology, travel, current events and social awareness to consider this field. Photojournalists know how to record history add emotion to photographs and leave an indelible mark in our minds. They capture images that tell a newsworthy or entertaining story. As the images in this blog post suggest, the photo journalist often puts their life in danger to tell the story that must be communicated.

Simply stated, we owe them our gratitude for bringing us the messages from afar.


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