Best Travel Tips From Those In-The-Know

Senior year of college, my two best friends decided to trade a semester at SUNY Geneseo for a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. I hadn’t ever traveled internationally and didn’t actually have too much of a desire to leave behind Mia’s Pizza Shop, The Idle, Vital or Wegmans! Life without Wegmans is a life I didn’t really care to know. I opted to join my friends and have been hooked ever since.


Where Do You Want To Go?

If you are anything like me, you may have taken a vacation or trip somewhere and immediately wanted to begin planning your next adventure upon return. After I got back from Italy, I decided I wanted to continue traveling before beginning the job application process. I found the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Community, which houses various communities on travel, experiences, and any topic that one might want to discuss surrounding travel. Through the community posts and discussions, I was able to decide where I wanted to go, what I was interested in seeing, the most effective and affordable ways of traveling between cities, cultural information and different tips that I wouldn’t have known or figured out until getting to my final destination.

Lets Be Real- Someone Needs To Pay For These Trips!!

Okay, I get it. So unless you’re T-Swift or Mr. World Wide, you’re probably not going to be bouncing around to foreign countries all the time, I mean most of us do need to work after all, but this site is also great if you want to read and learn about different countries and cultures. Even if you may not be able to take an exotic trip for another 3-5 year, there is no harm in planning! Plus, having a destination in mind can be motivating and help you prioritize better.



3 thoughts on “Best Travel Tips From Those In-The-Know

  1. mattkoss14

    I can see a ton of value to enlisting the advice for anyone planning a intercontinental trip. Getting the most value for a trip I spend over 2 grand on is pretty important. Ive noticed that it can be even harder to make good choices in areas of the world where the language barrier gets tricky. That why community sights like this can help plan events in advance. Maybe then I can avoid having to resort to funny hand motions and “google translate” with that annoyed front desk concierge on the “day-of” my next chosen adventure while abroad. I’m usually fine in Europe and my Spanish isn’t half bad. Once my travels get into Asian territories (which I would love!) I can see things getting a lot more difficult for me!


  2. lindsayw5

    I am surprised you were willing to give up all those wonderful Geneseo hotspots for a trip to Italy! Hard to pass up good ole Geneseo lol! I will be checking this site out further, as I am planning on taking a trip next year for the big 30th birthday and to celebrate the completion of our Masters program. I found it hard to find an insightful community to relate to what I am interested in and this may just be one I start following regularly.



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