The “C” Word

Relay-for-Life-Survivors-Reception31-600x365 Batman had Robin, Shaggy had Scooby, and Hancock – well, he had alcohol, but those in the “I had Cancer” community have us! A legion of supporters and caregivers helping cancer fighters and survivors celebrate life and fight back!

cancer-survivor  I don’t belong to you! – Guena Blanca

Nearly 1.5 million Americans have faced a cancer diagnosis, this sadly means there’s been an on-going battle with a nefarious criminal named Cancer, who has plagued our society for too long. For those who may have “lost” the fight we’re left to avenge their deaths by fundraising, donating money, hosting walks, researching etc. to find a cure.

I am a supporter!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 6.17.56 PMI’ve been a recurring volunteer with the American Cancer Society for 5 years and have been active in the IHC community for about 1 year. What I’ve noticed in the community is that when cancer strikes, it affects all of us and we all fight back together. Since joining, I’ve never been more challenged, inspired and empowered. This community serves as a daily reminder that the struggle is indeed real for the fighters and those affected and our continuous support is needed.

Why it matters.

Participants start the National Cancer Survivors Day march in Chicago, June 3, 2012. REUTERS/John Gress

All the years of volunteering, hosting events and encouraging families and fighters to stay encouraged, could not prepare me to deal with truly being a supporter to someone with this ailment. Being a supporter and a caregiver is HARD but being a part of this community makes things much easier to endure. You can join the community as a supporter, fighter or survivor and there’s no shortage of people you can connect with both locally and abroad. I’ve met some amazing people through this community and it makes all the touchdown dances after successful rounds of chemo, hair shopping and small victories that much sweeter.

Check it out

For those that may be affected by cancer check it out!



One thought on “The “C” Word

  1. mattkoss14

    The support and energy that patients and their families receive especially during the critical and scary points of their treatment are so valuable to the recovery process. Keeping a positive mental attitude and managing stress levels are becoming more and more integrated with holistic treatment prescriptions and for good reason! I can definitely appreciate this post!



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