“Somthing…..D.-O.-O. Economics” (Anyone….Anyone?)



Not sure about you, but I can count myself amongst the many other young Americans who graduated school, entering the “adult” world of employment and “personal independence” without much beyond a very basic understanding of personal finance.  The subject was never taught in our high school.  That strikes me as odd, because of how much a lack of practical knowledge can make or break huge chunks of time for most of us.  I recall maybe one out of ten of my friends ever truly seemed to have a comfortable grip on their finances.  The rest of us didn’t know enough to care and didn’t care enough to know.  And maybe the subject would have been as hard to sit through as any other class.


Gotta be fresh

I do remember feeling more than a little nervous when I got my first credit card, car loan, and apartment.  I considered many things when I made these purchasing decisions….color, price, location, were all important factors.  Yet alarmingly absent was any consideration for long term financial implications.  Back then deciding which happy hour to attend was clearly the higher priority.

No agenda, great advice

That’s where reddit’s personal finance subreddit comes in.  Content is there for everyone, but many of the questions come from young adults in the midst of major life-changing decisions that could make, or break their next ten years.  These souls don’t want to pay for a service or listen to a financial adviser talk to them about a 401k plan.  They just want to hear practical advice from someone who has personal knowledge about their specific situation.  “Can I make this work for me, or not?”  r/personalfinance’s ability to facilitate questions and generate logical and believable answers makes this community highly valuable if you still feel like you slept through your high school’s “personal-finance-day”.


2 thoughts on ““Somthing…..D.-O.-O. Economics” (Anyone….Anyone?)

  1. apodeszek

    Thanks for sharing! As a young adult juggling student loans and other new bills, I definitely find myself in this boat. And I agree, I would rather hear the information from someone with first hand experience rather than sitting through a lecture.


  2. codyblackley

    Couldn’t agree more on this topic! As many young adults my age I am just starting to feel the pressures of real life expenses and it was certainly a wake up call that first time I actually had to make a payment on my school loans. I also agree that hearing from someone who has real life experience on this matter is very beneficial.



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