Reliving the Glory Days…. Sort of.

If you’re anything like me you had a lot of hobbies as a kid. But as you grew up you had to give them up for certain reasons, maybe you grew out of them, you didn’t have the time for them anymore or you developed new hobbies. Hockey Community is a great online forum I discovered that lets me temporarily re-live my glory days.

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What is Hockey Community?

 Hockey community allows players from all around the world to come together and share their love of the sport. This online community matches you with other players in your region so you can find teams to play on, different pick up games in the area or sell your equipment locally.

The app also has a feature for teams to sign on and track game and player stats online. Different tournaments are also posted, encouraging members to form a team and sign up. Players can also interact with each other through different posts, chirps and memories.

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How do I get Started?

  • Sign up with your email address or Facebook account
  • Select your region
  • Pick your position, skill level and other playing qualities
  • Hockey Community matches you with relevant posts from others in your region!

You can download the app or view the website online, both are very user friendly!

So Much Potential

 I see a lot of potential with this community, they have a lot to offer and can really connect different players together. I was really looking forward to potentially finding pick up games in my area, but the closest regions to me were in Canada. The site has a large Canadian presence, it would be cool to see it expand more into the US as well.

Chirp, Chirp

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 3.21.54 PM

For more hockey community chirps check out their YouTube channel and Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Reliving the Glory Days…. Sort of.

  1. codyblackley

    Thanks for sharing! I find myself reminiscing the glory days of sports frequently, I like the concept of this community with its ability to match you to players of your skill level.


  2. jrsachs

    This is a great way of using a community. There are a lot of “beer” leagues that this could help by matching up the correct levels and ages. With this community it could get more people playing and keep them playing because its at the correct level for them. Great find.



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