Reflection-Week 3

This past week we covered a lot of information that was both new and valuable to me.  First, I’m very glad we covered Google Analytics and the paid Facebook ads.  Obviously, I know about paid Facebook ads, but I have never heard about the ins and outs of it before.  I definitely think this would be a good tactic for NextStepU to try.  It is a relatively cheap way for them to reach their target audiences and it will be easy to measure the results.  Something I didn’t know was that Facebook has so many “roadblocks” you need to overcome in order for our ad to be seen by the most people possible.  I always just thought you paid for an ad and it just shows up.

Ad for Google Analytics, this was all new material for me.  I have never had any exposure to this before.  Google Analytics is definitely a must for NextStepU.  It is extremely important to know how many people are currently visiting the site so we have a base number to measure success by.  Also, I’d be curious to see the number of people who currently sign up for classes through the website.

Overall, I found this class to be very informative.


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