Is My Husband Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor?

Home improvement

If you haven’t heard of “the tool man,” you might not be familiar with the famous 90’s t.v. show starring the accident-prone handyman Tim Taylor. His character, while knowledgeable about tools, was a little overly confident when it came to home improvement projects, usually ending in some disastrous way.  Do you have a Tim in your life?

Door Handle

It’s okay, I’ve got the solution!

Meet Hometalk, which is an online community for sharing home improvement tips and tricks. Not all of us can afford to hire contractors, or bear to bother the handy neighbor one more time.  This is where Hometalk members (homeowners, bloggers, and professionals) come to the rescue.

How does it work?

  • Sign up using your Facebook account or an email address.  It takes less than a minute.
  • Select your interests so the home page can be personalized.
  • Browse around the well organized site.  Search by popular topics, or type in something specific.
  • Find inspiration and advice by other DIY folks and professionals who have posted.
  • Comment, clip (save), and share your favorite finds.
  • If you want to learn more about Hometalk before joining, watch their informative video ‘Welcome to Hometalk!‘ which gives a quick overview of the site.


I need a professional.

If you just can’t DIY and if hiring a professional is in your budget, Hometalk can help.  Just type a name or industry into the search, for instance “plumber.”  All the plumbers in your area on Hometalk will appear in the results.

How is this an online community?  

Online communities often consist of people who share similar interests, hobbies, goals, lifestyles, etc.  A person joins because they benefit from the discussion.

  • Do you enjoy DIY home improvement projects?
  • Do you have a specific one you’re working on?
  • Do you need advice, help, and inspiration?
  • Do you want a professional?

Then Hometalk is the perfect online community for you to be a part of.


5 thoughts on “Is My Husband Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor?

  1. kay301

    Did you find anything the community discussed helpful? When you search for a plumber on the site are you getting professionals or more diy-ers? I may go check it out to see if there is any guidance for a project I’ve had in mind for awhile.


  2. himissmercedes

    I noticed that the site actually has a lot of real people doing these DIY projects, posting the before, after, and in between steps. Do you think a company like Home Depot could benefit from having a “sponsored account” where they did their own weekly posts for customers? Showing how to do easy and simple projects, and giving them all the supplies within the store. Maybe even setting up a section of this month’s DIY so those who wanted to try could walk into the store and buy? Or do you think that because it is a such a community site, a corporate sponsored presence would not be well received?


  3. azebulske

    My dad actually thinks he is the tool man. He even makes the grunting sounds. Only problem is he is not as handy as the tool man himself.


  4. apodeszek

    I loved your title! It really encouraged me to read your blog, I myself am not very handy at all, but I loved watching this show when I was a kid! As I’m trying to move out and do more things for myself I’m sure this community will be very useful as I try and most likely fail at fixing things.


  5. lindsayw5

    This is a well written blog, it is fun and engaging. Everyone remembers Tim “the toolman” Taylor. Thank you for sharing this- as I just bought a house myself and have been relying on my dad to help me with so much (which I appreciate). Maybe I can pick up a thing or two and be able to accomplish some projects on my own! Great idea by Mercedes as well- with Home Depot having something like this!



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