Get motivated to change!



If I am not working or doing homework, you will undoubtedly find me in the gym. Since I was young I have always had an interest in working out primarily due to the sports I played. I went through a period of time when I was 300lbs and was a power lifter focusing on lifting extreme weights…not the most flattering time of my life.  Now, my goals have changed to a healthy lifestyle and bodybuilding style of lifting.

The Community feel 

I was first introduced to BodySpace by one of my friends who is a competitive bodybuilder. I had heard that the site had great articles and member posts on new meal plan ideas, supplement guides, workout routines and equipment. The main draw to this bodybuilding community was not just the new ideology being shared, but the opportunity to meet other lifters of all ages and experience.

How it can help you

In this community you can share you goals, your workout plan, supplements you take and get real feedback from community members. For example, my goal is to get to 8.5-9% body fat this summer. Other members can see my goals and can share their ideas and help by suggesting meal plans and different workouts. I will never consider myself an expert at anything I do, especially on the topic of working out but having this community of 10 million plus members I can be confident I can find answers to any question I have from subject experts.

Is it for everyone?

No, I do not think this site is for everyone as living a fit life isn’t for everyone. It is a personal choice but if you want to get healthy or just live an active life this is a site I definitely would recommend! You set your goals and they will help you reach them!




2 thoughts on “Get motivated to change!

  1. Kristen

    I think this is a really great community for anyone that is interested in working out or fitness. I think fitness communities can help you gain a lot of information quickly and also serves as moral support through the process of accomplishing your goals. Great tone of voice throughout the blog- I like how you discussed your own personal experience with fitness and health it made your post interesting.


  2. imounts1

    I’ve been looking for the motivation to kickstart a healthier lifestyle again as I’m paying for a gym membership that I haven’t used in six months smh. My struggle was in not knowing where to begin. Should I try or diet or try a 10 day green smoothy challenge? Do i need to take vitamins or supplements and which one’s do I take? It’s very overwhelming to try and figure it out on your own as I don’t know who to listen to really try. Thanks for this post. At first navigating the site to me was a little difficult trying to get through all of the threads but I finally got it together. I like how you can follow a person’s personal journey, see their fitness history, their average work out times etc. what regimen they follow etc. This is very helpful.



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