Art is what you make it


Everyone has passions and we seek out places and people who share in these passions.  We build communities with others around these passions as a way of bonding and learning new things.  I personally have been part of an online community for book lovers for nearly a decade and in the past four years joined one for comic book readers off-line.  Each community serves its own purpose, providing inspiration, guidance, communication or a place to share what you’ve created.  DeviantArt is a place which provides all of these things to its members.

No Place Like Home

DeviantArt allows members to showcase various forms of artwork, writings, filmmaking or music they have created.  These works can be original or created using existing pop culture characters.  DeviantArt also acts as a marketplace to a small degree because people can commission an artist to create for them, along with its available stock photography database.  The community is not only there to connect similar passionate people for support, it also helps them make a living in some cases with their passions.

Passionate People Everywhere

Currently the community has approximately 25 million uses who submit 140,000 new works per day.  DeviantArt’s social media is even dedicated to helping its community members expand their reach.  It posts and tweets images created by its users to share with non-members, enticing them to check out the site.  There have been off-line activities too; like the art summit in 2005 showcasing several exhibitions by artists with roughly two hundred booths and giant projection screens to show art as it was submitted.  There are also off-line gatherings held around the world on August 7th to celebrate DeviantArt’s birthday and are called called deviantMEETs.

So I’ll leave you with DeviantArt’s slogan “The world’s largest online art gallery and community” along with my advice, go explore what others have created

DeviantArt's photo.


One thought on “Art is what you make it

  1. himissmercedes

    Do you think the community members benefit from selling their works off of Deviant art, or would be be more beneficial to sell their work off of their own e-commerce site to avoid having to pay Deviant art? Is there a benefit to this site over something like etsy or behance where people sell their hand made artwork as well in an e-commerce setting? What sets Deviant art apart?



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