Vani-Hari-Food-Babe-Headshot-Food Babe; a young hottie who claims to be the guru of the American food industry, has gone viral in a not-so-flattering way…

Food Babe started her journey of blogging by giving simple advice for healthy eating. As her # of loyal followers climbed past 7,000, so did her confidence. This dogmatic, Food Babe has made so many public mistakes & false claims, that she’s gone ahead and set up a nice cozy home for herself on the chopping block.

My favorite blog of hers attacks a big name beer company (NewCastle). Food Babe claims that NewCastle uses propylene glycol in their beer, AKA antifreeze. Unfortunately, Food Babe made an embarrassing mistake, she confused propylene glycol with propylene glycol ALGINATE, which ironically is a very healthy chemical derived from Kelp. The best part about this is, instead of owning up to her mistakes, Food Babe simply blocks all of the people who point out her errors. In return, the “Banned By Food Babe” Facebook group has become her haters’ commonplace; comprised of chemists, scientists, and any & all who question Food Babe’s credentials.

Whether she knows what she’s talking about or not 

Food Babe has drawn some necessary attention to the big name brands who tout high fructose corn syrup & processed food practice. Food Babe has interrogated the creators of products such as Gatorade, Coca Cola, & Lean Cuisine. Sadly for Food Babe, all of these big guys publicly claim that their health-driven ingredient changes began long before Food Babe targeted them, so most of her posts concentrate on telling her staunch followers that “usually companies don’t like to give credit where credit is due”… 

To all you kids out there; don’t worry about earning your doctorate! Take a couple smiling selfies doing yoga in a bikini, whiten your teeth, learn the basics of typing, & start publishing recipes for green-anti-freeze smoothies! You’ll make headlines.


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