Can you DIY?

keep calm

Why would anyone follow instructables?

Instructables is an online community for everything DIY. If you have an addiction to making things yourself and proving that you are creative and handy, this might be the right community for you. And let’s face it, once you have completed a project, you want to share with everyone you know! This community allows you to show off your creations and give your own DIY tutorial.

What will you find?

The categories include everything from rafting, workshop projects, cooking/baking, and technology. So you will see a wide variety of interests in the community posts with user generated step by step instructions. There are groups you can join if you are interested in just one type of DIY project. There are also forums for each category offered on the site. There is something for everyone, ideas and projects galore!

Think you are the best at DIY?

Contests are held each month and relate to a certain type of project. You post what you have created and others vote on their favorite posting and project. There are prizes associated with them, and they try to make them correlate with the type of project and user.


What is my favorite part of the site?

I find projects and images of items on Pinterest all the time that I would love to have or make. The problem with Pinterest is that there are no instructions on how to make it; they are just links to where an image was seen. I love that you can see real things that people have been able to create and they share their best step by step instructions.

What is next?

Go now and explore all the DIY possibilities. Just don’t get sucked in before you finish your work, because who knows when you will be done looking!



One thought on “Can you DIY?

  1. smithallison1

    This seems like a cool community! I like that they have contests you can enter. I think that really helps to get their members engaged in the community. I will definitely look around on this page to get some DIY Ideas.



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