Talking with our mouths full

“Moooooooom!!! What’s for dinner?!”


Not sure how to answer that question? No problem! Head on over to Discuss Cooking where an entire community of fellow culinary enthusiasts are ready to give you suggestions.

What’s the buzz?

Discuss Cooking is a community for people who love cooking. Members are able to share recipes, discuss techniques and provide each other with helpful tips. Ever wondered why your red meat looks rarer the longer you leave it sitting out? Is it better to leave lemons on the counter or in the refrigerator? These are among the thousands of dialogues happening daily throughout the community.

Take-out is my friend. The kitchen… is not.

So you aren’t the type of person who cooks much? Hey, if you can teach an old dog new tricks, then you can certainly learn how to create a little magic in the oven. If recipes don’t interest you, the community also provides discussions on product recalls, kitchen safety, dehydrating meats, cooking for events, and how to can vegetables.

That sounds like a lot of information…

What’s great about Discuss Cooking is that even though there are many different discussions going on, the site is broken out into categories so you can really narrow down what conversation you would like to participate in.

Categories that caught my eye


I like to hike and camp in the summer, so I spent a bit of time in the outdoor cooking section, which is broken down even further into sub categories of BBQ & smoking meats, cooking on the grill, campfire and dutch ovens, and equipment to use for outdoor cooking. I also looked around the ethnic food section. I think the best way to describe the recipes shared in those discussions would be tasty, but weird.


If you have time, check it out! You might inspire your inner chef.




4 thoughts on “Talking with our mouths full

  1. jillianlauritzson

    I am one of those people that is not friends with the kitchen. Trying to replicate a recipe online seems simple enough, until your finished product is a flop. I like how you can reach out in the community and ask for help. Why don’t my cupcakes look as beautiful as the ones on Pinterest? I can take any help I can get in the kitchen, so this community is one I will definitely join.


  2. kay301

    Are there any recipes your going to try I’d love to hear how they turn out if you do. Were there any topics discussed or categories listed you were surprised to see ?


  3. soverslaugh

    I thought you post lured me into a topic that I do not usually have interest in, however would like to find an easy way to learn more about. Your headline got me to click, and as I read, your flow allowed me to want to read the next header and finish with what may be an easier way to learn how to get some kitchen questions answered.



  4. imounts1

    I promise I’m a chef in my mind. My tv almost always stays on the food network. I like to experiment a lot with different things and I have a tendency of having more flops then anything. This seems like a very responsive and active community. Thanks for this post, I will definitely be joining!



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