Shirts + Artwork + Contest = Community

636x460longsleeve_girls_01I love your shirt!

Why thank you! I got it from Threadless.  It’s a site that sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, other items and prints.

So where do they get these awesome designs?

That’s the fun part. All the designs are made by the community of Threadless Aritsts. Artists, or really anyone that registers to create designs, can enter designs.

636x460design_01 (3)I can enter my own artwork!? 

Yup. You can enter designs that will be scored, highest ones are run as T-shirts. As well, Threadless runs contests over different themes for shirt designs. Then these designs are voted on by the community. Design winners receive prizes and their work is printed on shirts, hoodies, and other materials.

Can I do anything else?

Of course you can! Besides all of the functions of design, entering work, and voting on it, you can also post to the community forums and read the Threadless blog. The community forms range from general topics, to art and design work, tips and tricks for getting your design submitted and printed, and even general projects you are working on.

Threadless’ blog also covers all topics of art and design, emerging artists, and trends within the community. Each post allows you to share it on many social media platforms, as well as make your own comments to the writer.

Why do you like it?

Personally, I love Threadless. I was never heavily involved with the community, just always shopping. However, more recently I’ve been looking into the design contests and discovered the community forums. Everyone is generally friendly and helpful with really great feedback. As well, the community is 636x460design_01 (1)up to date and thriving with new posts by the hour.

I personally can’t wait to have more time to get deeper involved with the community and participating in the designs and contests.


3 thoughts on “Shirts + Artwork + Contest = Community

  1. jillianlauritzson

    Say a company has a graphic designer on staff. Do you think it would be a good idea to have them submit a design that showcases the company’s brand in an artistic way (service/product image or brand mantra)? This could be a unique way to gain brand awareness.


    1. himissmercedes Post author

      While I think that may be a good idea, I don’t know if that is something the community would push past in votes to be printed. Since the whole system is really based on voting by community for designs to be pushed through, I’m just not sure it would pass. However, I have seen shirts that have had a brand used in them, cleverly, that I do not believe the brand itself pushed for.


  2. Kristen

    I think this is a really unique community and also a creative business idea. In thinking about utilizing a community to develop a product and also market a product, I wonder what other markets this strategy would work well with.



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