What the Blog?

Looking for a blog to read and follow is always a challenge. There are so many things to consider and rules to follow when looking for the right blog for you. Here are a few tips that in my mind will help anyone find a blog post that fits them:


Are you serious?!

1) Is the author serious?!
When looking for a blog post the person writing the post should be someone you trust. For example you won’t follow someone’s blog who talks about how to cook a steak but is a vegetarian. The blog could be about anything, but just as long as the author actually has some experience or ¬†something backing up with writing.

2) Is it worth your time?
Plain and simple make sure whatever you are reading is worth your time. If you are reading a blog and it is not really filling that reason for why you started reading it, trash it, now.

3) Is it a desert?
The great thing about blogs is that it allows people to add some personality to the writing. If the blog you are reading is dry and feels like you are reading a white paper or instruction manual, find another blog or don’t read blogs. I blog is supposed to be fun and entertaining not dry and boring.

4) Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

When i read blogs i read them because they give me information i need to know. They don’t fool around and they get to the point. I feel like some blogs add so much fluff just to make it longer that it ruins the blog. Meanwhile i have read blogs that are short and they are some of the best blogs i read.

In a nutshell read a blog must be something you can relate to. Read something you enjoy.


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