Reflections Week 2 – Steve Overslaugh

Steve Overslaugh Reflections Week 2

In week 2 of MKT 570 Digital Marketing the concepts discussed included Google AdWords, organic search engine marketing, deconstructing various websites and also discussed the difference between blogs and formal copy writing.

The big takeaway for me in week two was the continued concept that blog writing should be informal, conversational, add personality and does not always have to be direct selling, just engaging. So I tried that this week in my blog on parenting.

This even means the potential of giving readers information about the industry that may or may not lead to your immediate sale, however builds trust and confidence among readers that you are providing information that is useful; even if it means this honest information does not place your company or product at the top spot, but educates and engages in a community of conversation.

I will still need to get used to that concept – possibly not placing my company 1st that is.




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