I am a good parent, right?

I am a good parent, right?

pic 4

As a Generation X child from Baby Boomer parents there may be many things to learn as a new parent about the world we live in today versus how we were handled as children 30 – 40 years ago. Our parents sure had a different approach than we do today.

Can you identify which of the below were from the Generation X child and which one was created from a more sensitive recent toddler of today?

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

What should you do if you child said…..

  • Why is your skin so tan or pale to another friend?
  • Why do you have 2 Dads or Moms to a fellow preschooler
  • Sh#* or F%@k that was overheard from an inappropriate adult conversation

These are all spontaneous opportunities and teaching moments, will you be ready with the appropriate parental comments? Visiting onetoughjob.org will help you prepare to handle these types of life moments to ensure these opportunities turn into teaching moments and not one less little person to have a playdate with in the future.

I’m a guy, how would I know that?

This sounds sexists, right? That is not the intent. Men would like to know if they are taking the proper steps with raising their children just as much as women, and especially the ones that have not done it before; which is every father at some point in their life.

Not sure who to ask and all your friends appear to have everything under control because men talk about fantasy football and cars, not if we selected the best pre-school or daycare provider to enrich our child’s learning.

Onetoughjob.org can be a resource to see what other parents have done in similar situations and to learn how others have made decisions. There is not a right nor wrong to parenting, just continued learning through parental blogs.




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