A Guide For 20-Something Females

Are you an indecisive 20-something female? Yep, me too. We’ve finally made it on our own and are now tasked with having to decide important things- not just our Friday night happy hour spot. Navigating retirement funds, relationships and life can be a struggle, especially for those who prefer second opinions, on like everything.

What It’s All About

20-Something (now also referred to as 30-something since unfortunately aging is inevitable) is a well written blog that discusses most topics that us 20-something year olds like to discuss, like work, traveling, relationships and personal growth. I really appreciate that the author of the blog uses a positive tone of voice that isn’t overly opinionated or judgmental.

pic 1

Variety is the Spice of Life

Although you may want to read about ‘How to survive your high school reunion” your reunion will pass and you’ll want to read about something completely different. This blog covers a wide variety of topics, but also discusses current events and what is going on in the world around us. I really like this aspect of the blog since most blogs of this style stick to writing about topics such as Do It Yourself (DIY- which I do love), Fashion, Family and Food. The extra depth provided in each blog is actually really refreshing and interesting to read!


If Only There Was A Search Box 

Okay, so the content on the blog is fabulous, but this blog is pretty annoying to navigate. Since the blogger is now in her 30’s, I kind of want to read some of the items she discussed when she was, I dont know in her 20’s, but there is no way to search!! I cant fathom having to click through five pages of blog posts, just to reach posts written when the blogger was 26.


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