Sports News with a Flare

Since I was in middle school, sports have been my life. During my early teens and high school, I devoted all my time to either lessons for baseball, lifting for football, and to various training camps to prepare for upcoming sports. In college, there was no off season as training was 12 months per year. Even now, I continue to stay active in following collegiate and professional sports teams. I love sports trivia and keeping up with the latest sports news. Recently an old football teammate introduced me to Deadspin, which is an athlete’s and sport enthusiast’s dream blog.

First Glance


When I first looked on the blog, the first post was about Lebron James, my all-time favorite basketball professional athlete. I was immediately intrigued and was sold on the website. The article pertained to Lebron making coaching calls, and acting in a coaching role and not just a player. People watching the sport think Lebron runs the show, not the coach. As I read the article, I thought immediately this is a pretty controversial topic that typical news station wouldn’t run. I liked this type of reporting because I like controversial topics and the discussions they create.

Benefits of Deadspin

As a sports enthusiast, I think the blog offers the most up-to-date sports news. Twitter also has sports breaking news, with limited information. Twitter takes the title for the quickest news stories; however, Deadspin offers unbiased articles on various topics and angles in the all sports. Some sports broadcasters can be bias, and Deadspin is a breath of fresh air. They offer sports news and commentary, with humor.

Continue to read?

Of course! Deadspin helps break up the monotony of normal sports broadcasting and keeps me up to date on all my sports teams. I suggest you start reading as well!


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