Reflections Week 2–Jillian

  • I found the marketing channel chart extremely helpful in determining tactics for the digital marketing plan.  It became obvious that email marketing would be one good option since it has a high ROI, but is not super time consuming or costly.
  • Currently I am working on updating all of the content on the RWC music department website.  It has been great to learn how to compose content that engages the target audience, and how to identify key words that will drive them to the site.  The keyword generator ( gives valuable keyword suggestions, and I will definitely being using this as a tool to strengthen my department’s website.
  • It was very telling that when the Prof asked which AdWord Ad was the most compelling, we all picked the same one.  This shows the role of relevant/beautiful/real photography, and how it affects the reader’s decision to click on the ad.
  • I’m still a bit confused about bidding on ads, as I’ve never done it before.  I think it’s probably something I’ll have to do a couple of times to really grasp it.
  • The AdWord ROI calculator is neat.  Consistently measuring an Ads ROI is important to show if was successful or not.  You can learn a lot from studying analytics.  What is working….what is not.  It should be what guides your future posts.

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