Becoming a purple cow

Ideas are born from where we draw inspiration or learn something new.  Which is why people seek experiences and look to thought leaders.  Finding these sources can come from searches by ourselves or from the suggestions of others.  Each new source needs to be evaluated for relevance, content and timely updates.  Seth Godin is a thought leader and has written eighteen books on various marketing concepts.  He also teaches, conducts speaking engagements and blogs.

Always Be Moving Forward

In terms of relevancy, Mr. Godin’s blog is on point.  Each posts pertain to issues faced by people on a daily basis in work and home.  By trying to address everyday problems the blog posts are relevant to everyone and do not ostracize any reader no matter their circumstances.

Content Is King

Providing value in a quick to consume format is key.  Mr. Godin’s posts can be read between two to five minutes, but in those few minutes his words pack a punch.  This ties back to the fact his content is relevant to everyone.  People can gain something from his words along with the fact his words act as a catalyst for conversation or creation.

Who Doesn’t Wish For More Time

            Time doesn’t stand still.  Mr. Godin realizes this, so he posts every day.  This allows him to keep his readers engaged and open to new ideas fostered by his posts.  It also helps him remain in the front of subscribers minds and prove his relevancy to new comers, while lending additional support to already strong content.

The point behind Mr. Godin’s work is to help people realize we have the power we need within ourselves.  All we have to do is unlock this potential and channel it to see how truly creative we are.  As Mr. Godin says, “Go make something happen”.


One thought on “Becoming a purple cow

  1. imounts1

    Ever since Beth Ann’s presentation, I’ve been infatuated with the notion of being the purple cow. The early bird gets the worm, but the purple cow gets the customer. You’re either remarkable or your invisible and in order to break through the clutter you have to forget about being perfect, dare to be purple and start being remarkable. Thanks for posting about his blog. I’ve read some of them and I do appreciate the transparency in his posts.



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