Cosmically Awesome


Space.  The final frontier…..

These are the voyages of my personal journey to find a blog that is new, interesting and relevant to this assignment.  I started by exploring Google hoping to find something both relevant to my assignment and interesting enough to encourage a thoughtful posting.

Survival of the…most interesting.

After passing on a few cycling blogs and more than a few cooking blogs (my original idea for direction), I settled on a Astronomy themed blog produced by radio programing with Neil DeGrasse Tyson called StarTalk. And who doesn’t like space…it’s a pretty fascinating subject for most of us.  Lots of unknown.  It’s true that throughout my younger years I admittedly trended quite poorly so far as academia was concerned.  I am no scientist.  And yet, I am increasingly fascinated by the world around me.


To infinity and beyond.

I’ve evolved a real admiration for science as a meaningful method of exploration.  It’s hard for me to know who or what to credit for my fascination with the world beyond our planet.  Perhaps it’s the excitement of the unknown, imagining which limitations we will over come, and what pressures we must overcome as a species.  What might we look like one hundred, or even one thousand years from now?

I “thank the stars” for my iphone.


I saw an interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson not so long ago and he made a compelling argument tying the pace of technological advancement with our ability to look up, out, and beyond.  It’s no surprise that the top organic search results for Science and Technology blogs led me to Neil’s site.  Neil is a well known personality within our subculture. The site itself is presented cleanly without any banner ads or other needless distractions for the reader.  It’s worth a look if you find yourself curious enough….



2 thoughts on “Cosmically Awesome

  1. kay301

    I myself love Neil DeGrasse Tyson, did you see the show he hosted on Fox which covered the start of people’s fascination with space? Are there any other points he made which interest you going forward?


  2. mattkoss14 Post author

    He makes so much sense to me when I see his interviews…too many points to list. He has such an approachable way about his delivery that really does a lot to draw people into considering his point of view. I think that’s a big reason I have so much respect for the man. So much brain power and yet so much humility.



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