Week 2 Reflections

Learning about SEO and ad words this week was really beneficial to me. Currently my employer is listed way below its competitors on Google and it is something that we are looking into fixing. I was able to take a lot of information back to management and explain to them how SEO works. I find it very interesting that Google constantly changes the algarithm to prevent companies from cheating the system. It levels the playing field and encourages companies to keep producing original and relevant content which I love.

The lesson on content was also very beneficial to me as well. I just started volunteering for the American Lung Association and they are having me help produce content for the social media pages. The inform, inspire, interact diagram will come in handy as I am thinking of new posts that will engage viewers and encourage more interaction and participation.

My favorite take away from this week was the speed marketing Zippo grill exercise. I struggle coming up with creative ideas quickly and to me it’s incredibly beneficial to listen to some of the ideas other cohort members come up with. I really enjoy the speed marketing exercises because it really pushes me to think quickly and it’s great to see how differently everyone thinks.


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