DIY Junkie Alert: Time to Get Converted

If you are like me, DIY projects make your heart leap for joy.


But if you’re not like me, you may ask…

So why DIY?  Can’t I just buy it instead?

Well, yes you could.  You’d be seriously missing out though.  There’s something deeply satisfying about putting your own blood, sweat, and tears into a project.  It can be overwhelming, and sometimes you will fail (or many, many times).  Success is measured differently in the DIY world.  It doesn’t come from perfection.  Perfect is boring anyways.  It comes from the uniquely handcrafted, tangible items that YOU create.  Tackling something that takes you out of your comfort zone can bring a huge sense of pride and accomplishment.  Who wouldn’t want to experience that?

Okay, you sold me.  How do I get started?

Sometimes I’d like to think I come up with brilliantly creative projects on my own, but honestly I depend heavily on the internet for inspiration.  When researching for a new blog to follow, I came across a YAHOO! article, “The 10 Best DIY and Craft Blogs to Follow in 2015.”  Vintage Revivals was listed at number 1.  The blogger’s name is Mandi, and I decided to read her “About” section to make sure I would jive with her style.  She writes, “I was sick of being scared of decorating, so I started a blog…I knew nothing, so if I can do it, you can do it too.”  Um–heck yes!  Fearless DIY.


Reasons to follow the Vintage Revivals blog:

  • It has bold & beautiful photos with a vintage feel.
  • Mandi’s writing style is down to earth, and easy to comprehend.
  • Her projects include art, home decor, plants, thrifting, and much more.  She dabbles in a little bit of everything.
  • She gives you DIY tips and tricks for mastering your projects.

Don’t be scared, just jump in.

Enjoy the successes and learn from the failures.  Seriously, just have FUN!



6 thoughts on “DIY Junkie Alert: Time to Get Converted

  1. apodeszek

    I am also a big fan of DIY projects, but I think I have more fun looking for them rather than doing them! I always get frustrated when they don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to, that’s why I liked this blog, if she can do it so can I!

    Thanks for including the link, it was easy to view the blog!


  2. lidabilokur

    I will definitely check this out! Your summary was great; short, sweet & to the point. I’m the same way with DIY’s, I usually encounter quite a few obstacles so having a responsive DIY blogger is always a plus. I’m eager to explore her thread!


  3. himissmercedes

    Her blog looks really awesome and like something that would be fun to follow. However, I noticed that she has a shop listed as well. How do you feel about her e-commerce on her site as well? It seems funny for someone to encourage DIY, but also sell product that you could make on their website. In addition there doesn’t seem to be a connection of the pieces available if they are her’s or if they are from another artist. Only one actually list that it is by someone else.

    Does she really need the e-commerce on her site? Or is this something that if it was vamped out instead of only having a few pieces may be really beneficial to her site?


  4. lindsayw5

    I do not think that it is a bad thing that she has a site to sell some artwork. To me it would mean that she is a DIY enthusiast and she is successful with the pieces she creates. To me it would be just likst any other artise or designer selling pieces they create.


  5. Kristen

    Her blog looks awesome! I like that her website and DIY projects have a similar modern and crafty style. I do agree with Mercedes though, I don’t think she needs an e-commerce website, I think she’d have more success creating a Etsy page and linking it to the blog.


  6. Alli smith

    I love her blog!! And I really liked how you used bullets to highlight some of your points. It made your post really easy to read. And good use of photos as well! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at the blog.



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