Reflections on Week 2

In week two we went over a lot with google ad words and SEO. I’m very excited about these topics specifically. At my work we just hired an intern to work on our website and mobile application. We now have someone who can implement the SEO within the website to make ir more google friendly.

In addition, we are now looking at getting google analytic and google adwords certified for our company. This way when we are working with out larger vendor partners, we can manage our own adwords accounts and not have to pay another company to run it for us.

In terms of the our different projects I’ve gotten some great ideas.

For the final project, I really like the idea of using proper SEO implementation to gain a better awareness to pop up on within a search. In addition, using ecommerce with etsy to reach people who want to help animals by donating while getting something in return.

With the NextStepU project, I feel like adwords as well as analytics can be very useful. Mainly in terms of getting proper searchability with SEO. Then using google adwords to purchase certain keywords around the times that kids are preparing for college in summer.


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