Reflection-Week 2

One of the topics I found useful during this class was the discussion on Google AdWords. I have heard of it before, but I never actually knew what Google AdWords was. Not only is this something that is good to know about in general, but it could also be very useful for our client project. I think the AdWords Express feature that is available for local businesses could be a good option for NextStepU to take advantage of, especially on a limited marketing budget. I have also realized that including a nice, professional looking picture on your Google ad will increase the likely hood that people will click on it.

Something else I found helpful during week two is when we were discussing our target markets for the project on our chosen businesses. I know it is important to really narrow down a specific target market, which I thought I was doing, but have now realized I can hone in on a target even more specifically. This is something I need to do with NextStepU as well.

Overall, I learned a lot of new information during this class that I will definitely be able to apply to our final project.


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