Let’s Give Them Something to Hoot About!

What can Hootsuite do for you?


Hootsuite is a social media platform that allows you to follow all your social media streams in one location. It is meant to be used by businesses to track their success in the social world.

You can create reports in the analytics area and track activity on your platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, or WordPress.


It will also allow businesses to schedule posts to all the social media networks, so you can save time and have them automatically post to the site(s) you choose.


Why you should use Hootsuite?

There are many competitors that do similar things that Hootsuite offers. Some reasons a company should use their services would be:

  • Have multiple streams in one location
  • A team manages your social media presence
  • Cross posting capabilities
  • Get free reports

The Owl offers wisdom

The Hootsuite blog offers advice and tips when it comes to everything social. With social media tactics being on the rise this is a great site for best practices and new ideas.

The blog is updated frequently and touches on every type of social network that is out there. It is great that it does not just focus the top few sites that everyone uses the most, a lot of times in marketing you have to think outside the box and use other platforms you might not have thought to use at first.

What I like about their blog?

I chose to follow this blog so that I can be in tune with what is happening in the digital marketing world. They reply quickly with their audience, and they link to other well-known marketing sites.

I suggest anyone that is interested in the ever evolving marketing world to follow Hootsuite or any other blog that suits your needs.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Give Them Something to Hoot About!

  1. jillianlauritzson

    What a great find for our digital marketing class! So many businesses neglect to update their social media platforms on a daily basis. It is important to connect and engage with customers regularly with relevant content, visuals, etc. Hootsuite would make sure that there are consistent posts across all platforms. I also like the emphasis on analytics as businesses can review this information and make updates based on the data. I will definitely be utilizing their blog for our upcoming presentation and for our client’s digital marketing plan.


  2. apodeszek

    Thanks for sharing! I used HootSuite in a social media class I took in college and loved it! I’m trying to get the organization I volunteer for to see the benefits of connecting all social platforms on one site and scheduling posts to go out. I also love the live Twitter stream option HootSuite has.


  3. lidabilokur

    I’ll be bringing this up in my next marketing meeting. This platform would be perfect for my company, there are always complaints of employee time consumption with social media upkeep, and this seems to be an efficient solution.


  4. imounts1

    We currently use HootSuite at ADT to manage our local social media pages. We use the pro version because the free version for us was limiting. The biggest downfall for us with the free version was that you were only limited to only 3 social profiles, you aren’t able to use the team sharing feature and you only get 2 free analytical reports. Hootsuite is a powerful tool but for large corporations it may not be enough to substantially manage and measure all of your social media profiles. We have 3 other management software tools we use along with Hootsuite.



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