FYI, everything is better when you DIY


Sugar & Cloth is the go-to blog for DIY projects, recipes, décor, travel tips and more.  The author, Ashley Rose, created the blog as a way to stay in touch with her family and friends when she moved to Houston, TX. What began as a fun hobby has turned into a lucrative business.

Why should you care?

The blog is updated every day with new ideas and recipes to try. Many of the posts are written by “industry experts” on the topic, such as a pastry chef’s macaroon recipe, an artist’s tutorial on creating a new painting or a home decorator’s newest craft idea. There are always fresh ideas to explore.

Why do I care?

My hobbies include everything discussed in this blog: traveling, crafting, cooking and DIY home décor. I mean, my favorite TV networks are HGTV, Food Network and the Travel Channel. I’m basically 80 years old, but I’m ok with it, especially since this blog supports my old lady tendencies.

Why is she one smart cookie?

Ashley has turned her blog into a physical business for herself. She now has a studio that she holds events at throughout the month based on her blog posts. These workshops include classes on creating Christmas cocktails, calligraphy, DIY home décor and creating floral arrangements.


Overall, I love everything about the blog including the colors, articles and layout. The only thing I find myself trying to skim past are all of the Target ads. It is great that she has this partnership with Target, but the advertisements are mixed in with her blog info so it’s a bit hard to find what you are looking for.

As for right now, there’s a Spiked Brazilian Limeade recipe that has caught my eye and is about to be devoured. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…just not here. But again, I’m ok with that!


5 thoughts on “FYI, everything is better when you DIY

  1. jillianlauritzson

    Ah, another fellow DIY addict! In my post, I mention the Yahoo! article, “The 10 Best DIY and Craft Blogs to Follow in 2015” because it is where I found my new blog Vintage Revivals. Sugar & Cloth is also listed in the article. I love how she has compiled all of her favorite blogs and websites to follow for inspiration. What’s even more impressive is that she categorized them, which is extremely helpful. I’ve already saved her latest post about the washable dog bed (how ingenious). I love how she lays out all of the supplies, and then breaks the project down in steps. Her projects are right up my alley. Thanks for posting!


  2. jrsachs

    With my wife being a teacher she is always looking for projects to do with her kids that she can build into the lesson plan. Did they list what age groups would be appropriate for each project? When you were looking for a blog to follow what kinda of project were you looking to do or read more about. Have you tried another of the project that you have found a blog like this one>\?


  3. codyblackley

    Curious how’s the Spiked Brazilian Limeade?…I have never been about DIY creative projects as this and other posts talked about but from reading this I think I will try and expand my creative side and find a few projects to try.


  4. azebulske

    Anything DIY i’m in. Once my girlfriend found pinterest not only did i gain about 10 pounds but we have tried tons of new DIY stuff



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