DIY builds and repairs with HACKADAY!

What is HackaDay?

Hackaday is a blog that divulges into how to build, repair, and create your own customer hacks all with the realm of technology.

Why this blog?

Hackaday give a lot of valuable information on all different types of technology hacks. The blog actually give step by step instructions on how to do each project. As well, they encourage their community to submit their own projects to share with others.




Each post gives great images; whether it be just the header image for a simple project, or a full on step-by-step guide. The images may not be professional, but they are real project by the contributors.


The main contributors to Hackaday post regularly. In fact, multiple times a day, from different contributors. There is always something new to read, learn, and DIY yourself.

Tags and Categories

Each and every post is tagged and categorized. This makes finding what you want to look at quick and easy.



It depends on the contributor of the article. Some are easy to scan through and see if you really want to dive deep to learn more, and other are really a read in the process of figuring out what is going on in the post.

Quick & Easy

Again, depending on the contributor, some posts are quick and easy. Some are very long. Now this may be because of the project at hand, however some of the post are just lengthy. You add that to not skim friendly and you end up with a tedious read, not a friendly blog post.


In terms of color, it is not my favorite. However, that may be personal preference.

Overall thoughts?

The blog itself has a lot of good information. If you can make your way through the negative areas and it really interests you, this is a great blog to follow.


2 thoughts on “DIY builds and repairs with HACKADAY!

  1. jrsachs

    I read these kind of things everyday. They have come in helpful in the past. Some of them are very simple and leave me wondering “why didn’t I think of that” all the time. I don’t have time to do a lot of research so I think having a place to go and just read over quickly could be very useful. Thanks for finding this blog.


    1. himissmercedes Post author

      Yea, my boyfriend reads this specific one all the time and is finding fun projects to do. Personally, not my cup of tea, but I’m not as technology inclined as him. I do love how they post from different people each time, and multiple times a day. Something most of the blogs I follow do not do.



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