Week 1 Reflection

Digital Marketing Defined

During the first week of class, we were tasked with recognizing and defining key digital marketing terms. Since I work in the digital marketing field, I thought that I would (maybe should have) known more of the terms, however there is a lot to learn and keep up with! I thought that this was a good exercise for the class to do since we all have different knowledge levels.

Critiquing Websites 

We spent the majority of class discussing, comparing and learning what information is important to include on a website. Some of the main items we discussed included:

  • Targeting: Every website should target a specific type of customer or group of customers.
  • Call-To-Action: Having a call-to-action at the top of the website will help to increase the conversion rate.
  • Build Trust: Include a testimonial page and a read our reviews link that redirects to review site pages such as Yelp and Google. Building trust with current and prospect customers is important.
  • Responsive Page: Since the majority of Americans own a smartphone, it is important that websites are responsive, meaning the website formats to fit the screen of the device that is being used.

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