Reflection W1

Following class I revisited NextStepU’s websites as well as reviewing the blog written on the center’s site. It was great to see the content for parents and students  intermix in the blog posts. The post as a whole are well written while keeping to the rule of being bite sized content. It seems for every two post with parent driven content there is one post for students. I wonder if the ratio of 2 to 1 is effective tied to time spent on the site by customers. It would be nice moving forward to have access to that type of data such as time spent on the site and bounce rate just to better understand NextStepU’s web retention.

The site it self is well executed and easy to navigate for potential and current customers. Though if you view the site on a tablet the navigation buttons and icons are displaced which, takes away slightly from the experience. When it comes to viewing on a mobile device the experience is easy and pleasurable compared to others. In relation to the site reviewed for the short paper this week both of NextStepU’s sites are far better in function and form. In large part this could be due to the age difference and process used between the two sites creation.  The site reviewed was created in 2001 where as NextStepU’s was done last year. One big point where the site I reviewed (Lady Luck Tattoo) wins is the accessibility of the contact information. It is the first thing seen on the enter page and is seen again underneath the photo on the homepage. In the case of NextStepU it is at the bottom on the page along side the social media links and a more in-depth navigation options. Doing these assignments helped in clarifying where NextStepU is strong and where shoring up is needed.


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