Are you fit enough?

FitBitWhat is a FitBit?

A FitBit is a wireless-enabled activity tracker. What a fit bit does is tracks things such as number of steps taken, number of good hours slept and your location with a build in GPS (This all depends on the model you buy. Not all models have a GPS). Think of a FitBit as a cooler more 21st century pedometer.

Why use a FitBit?

It helps people more closely track their physical activity and it can update to their phone, tablet, or computer in real time. In order for it to update real time on your device, the device must be bluetooth enabled.

Would I recommend a FitBit?

Yes and no. I recently purchased a FitBit for my girlfriend and everyone at work had one so it did interest me to see what the big deal is.

Yes! Buy It.

I am a big supporter of anyone who tries to become healthier. If buying a FitBit will allow you to do that and start that journey by all means go down to Best Buy and pick one up. The fact that it allows you to see what you have done in real time and compare it to where you want to be is great. If you feel like shelling out the mucho dollars for the top of the line model with the GPS so more power to ya.

No! Stay Away

Lets be real here, all a FitBit is, is a techy’s dream of what a pedometer should be. If all your looking to do is track your steps, you don’t need this. At some companies and with some health insurance plans a pedometer is covered. Instead of having to look at your phone for your steps you look down at your waist and read the number.


2 thoughts on “Are you fit enough?

  1. Kristen

    I thought that this blog was really informative and gave me a great overview of what features the Fitbit has and if I should purchase one or not. I liked that the author included his perspective on whether or not it would be a good purchase for the consumer to make, this gave the blog a stronger voice and overall made it more interesting to read.


  2. lidabilokur

    I didn’t know that a fitbit was basically a pedometer.. I’ve never interacted with one, but I too see them all over my office.

    Reading your post immediately makes me think of the marketing behind it, with the pedometer and the fitbit pretty much being the same tool. The only difference seems to be the marketing behind it. Admittedly, it’s reassuring to know that as marketers we can simply re-invent an existing idea/product, design it to fit the current trend, and then work to convince consumers that it is new, sleek, ‘in’, and that they must buy it!



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