Worlds coolest sports car, is a motorcycle?

Worlds coolest sports car, is a motorcycle?

That’s right, the latest invention from Polaris Industries combines motorcycle technology, three wheels equals a motorcycle, with sports car seating and driving positioning to create the Slingshot. With two wheels in the front and a single large wheel in the back, this vehicle has a one of a kind unique look.

Slingshot pic

My new convertible motorcycle has a steering wheel!

Using technology borrowed from the ATV industry for seating and steering, combined with the concepts of gaining forward motion from a single track or wheel from Polaris’s experience in the motorcycle and snowmobile industries, you now have another vehicle option when shopping for your new summer sports car.
Polaris Slingshot vs. Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
A new and interesting choice may be brewing for sports car enthusiasts. The classic Corvette will accelerate 0-60 mph in just over 3 seconds and cost $80,000, while the Polaris Slingshot will run you about $20,000 and can accelerate 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds; half the weight and fuel usage while always in a convertible form.

Sounds too good to be legal? Check your specific state and insurance company

Ensure you visit your specific state department of motor vehicles as there are several different classifications that this vehicle could be placed in. Most states and the federal government consider a three wheel vehicle a motorcycle and thus fall under the motorcycle laws for, manufacturing, registering, licensing and insuring. However, some states may view this differently and you must ensure you are complying with your states specific laws and regulations.

Test it or prove it! Register at

If you are 18 year old or older looking to take this new concept out for a test drive, bring your motorcycle license and your helmet, smiles will be provided at no charge.


2 thoughts on “Worlds coolest sports car, is a motorcycle?

  1. codyblackley

    Very interesting design and out of the norm for Polaris. Being a power sport enthusiast its is an interesting post, although I am more inclined to stick to the traditional two wheel design, but I have to say I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to test drive one. Maybe then I will have a change of heart.


  2. jrsachs

    This is a very interesting concept that is becoming more and more a reality. It will face a lot of hurdles for sure. These hurdles will come from the laws of each state which has been pointed out and from the safety concerns that this type of motor vehicle has. With the open car concept there are no doors and because it is looked at by most states a seat belt is not required. Also remember that to maintain stability it is very low to the ground, and with no doors or seat belts one quick turn and there goes your passenger. This leaves me with the question does COOL out weight safety?



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