week one

For the start of a new topic and class, this week I had a lot of excitement. The age of digital marketing is here and this is something that the industry I work in is lacking. I am looking forward to learning more about what makes people believe and trust what they find online.

I personally am someone that does not follow any blogs and am one of the first people to question what is said online. The idea that a website is a place to build trust is a new and different way of thinking about the content the company controls. This is the way they wanted to been seen, but at the same time want customers to openly interact with the site and therefore there brand.

This class is going to be very enjoying to me because its more about whats happening today. It will also be nice to think about how to get a message a crossed in a short compact way that hits home with the reader quickly. Blogging to me is not about telling the life story but more to draw interest into further dialog.



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