Week 1 Reflection

This week I really enjoyed learning about different techniques to make your blog stand out. I used to write for pleasure all the time but working and school takes my time away from that. I am excited to post to the blog each week in hopes it will get me back in the habit of writing more. It will also be great experience to get practice writing in a different style and making my writing more clear and concise.

Another great takeaway from class this week was the idea of building trust. Blogs, websites and any other form of communication from a company needs to work around building trust between the company and the consumer. I think many companies forget about this as they try to gain more business. I recently have been receiving a ton of emails from companies I have never heard of or interacted with online before. After doing some digging I discovered that an email subscription I just signed up for has been giving my information to other sites. I immediately unsubscribed from them, in my opinion that is not a way to build trust and gain long-term consumers.


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