Reflections on week one

This week there was a vast amount of information that I found super useful. The first being about the how to formulate websites to increase their usability and give direction to the audience. This is great since I just got my intern hired full time, as well as another intern that is doing our web and mobile work. So the changes that need to be made to my companies website to make it user friendly and give people a direction on where to go, can actually be done!

Second is all about blogs. I’ve learned a lot more about blogs then I even knew just from one class. This is helpful in that I would love to revamp my own blog and get it up and running again. I use to write once every two weeks, but I let that slide. I would like to get back on top of that again. As well, my company has a blog. I will be able to give them hints and tips for writing a more effective blog, since right now they sometimes write novels.

This gives me a lot of great ideas for the capstone project. Since I am redoing the website for the non-profit, I have a better grasp on what to do and what messages and images we want to push to the top of the page. In addition, I know that the non-profit actually does a decent amount of blogging, so I can also give her tips on better ways to blog to make it more easily readable and have greater content.


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